One question to rule them all

I’m aware that there are certain questions you can answer and certain ones you can’t. I’d ask this on your stream thread, but it seems you feel questions about the game are off topic there. So I’ll dedicate an entire thread to it instead. Though you can’t disclose the exact drop rate of Heart of Rage. Perhaps you can help narrow it down a bit more by answering the following question please:

In the context of Vault Battle rewards…
Does a player have a better chance of receiving a Power Orb or a Heart of Rage?


I should think the correct answer is “no” …

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That’s not an option.
And on the off chance that you’re being serious.
You can get Power Orbs from Vault Battles now.

Perhaps there is something wrong with my obdula meblongata, but I pictured the “No” as Salty’s response to that, followed by a rage charge reminiscent of the Water Boy as you say “No what?”

“Medulla oblongata”…rrrrr

Sure we have a chance. We just don’t have a “good” chance, or a “better” chance.

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There are 3 actual options:

A. Power Orb > Heart of Rage chances in the Vault.
B. Power Orb < Heart of Rage chances in the Vault.
C. Power Orb = Heart of Rage chances in the Vault.

I’m already aware of both items Rarity. Including Power Orbs exact rarity. Was just curious if Heart of Rage is actually more rare than even Power Orbs.

But yeah let’s instead devolve this thread into feedback about how rare Heart of Rage is.

Maybe that’s why it’s just easier to ask questions on an already existing thread. :person_shrugging:

I must be 150 or so vault keys in without getting Heart of Rage. I believe others might be 300 vault keys in without getting anything at this point.

What is the point devs…

Hate to tell you this I’m 1 copy short of the mythic HOR, used 80 ish vault keys and 9evk