No class xp in guild invasion event

Hello, I’m at 16 wins in the guild invasion event and there aren’t any class xp after each win.
Is this normal or a bug?
The class talents and traits are working nicely though.

Make sure you set a class on the team, even if you have one functioning. The new system is finicky in that sense.

Basically, if you don’t have a class under “Invasion”, its not keeping track. Even if you are using a class in the fights.

So this is what I get hours later when I go for the 24-hour pet rescue:


Gotta set it!


This seems like the real bug. You should either have a class or you shouldn’t. If the traits/talents are engaging, then you should get the credit for using them.

As is, it kind of defeats the “sorry, there was no technical way to give you arena xp because you can’t set a class there” defense.

Thank you shimrra, that worked :slight_smile:

Yeah you have to set the Hero on each Pet block once. But I noticed my 24h rescue today did not have the Hero listed… I suspect its a hold over from when every single 24hr pet had its own separate team the player needed to create a new one.

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Exactly. We’re going to be getting that repeatedly each week unfortunately. For a while?

Which is odd since when the update hit we definitely had our then-current class dropped on all our default teams (in slots we can access from the troop menu), but not the ones… what, “stored elsewhere”?

Hey thanks for reporting this.

I’ve made a bug report for the team.