[Not a bug] Not awarding hero class points

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**Platform PS4, software and system at current updates.

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Not being awarded hero class points during Arena, Pet rescue, an Hero Class event. I have screenshots from all 3 minigame payouts, but can’t figure out how to include them here.

I know for sure it is intentional that you do not get them in Arena. In that event, you cannot use a hero class, so you don’t get XP for the class you aren’t using.

For Pet Rescue and the Hero Class event, be sure you have actually set a class on your team. They do not have a class by default, and you do not get XP for a class you aren’t using.


What @Slypenslyde just said.

I also played a few class event battles before realizing I was not getting any hero XP. This issue was solved by selecting a class under Edit team --> Class.

Please check your Team has a class equipped for the Pet Rescue and Class Event and let us know.

Also as the others said Arena doesn’t use a Hero Class so no Class XP is rewarded.


Resurrecting: I’m only getting hero class points for some classes, but not all. So far it seems to be that I’m being given XP for classes at level 100 (which is useless) and not being given them for classes that are less than 100 (which is the point). Another possible explanation is that it isn’t giving me XP for teams whose classes I just changed today, other than the first team I changed today.

I’ve experienced this in Dungeon, Explore, PVP, and The Vault.

Here is the victory screen for a Shaman team (level 31) from a PVP win

Here is the victory screen for a Titan team (level 100) from a PVP win

System: Steam

Edit: equally not working for shaman in Android

Working as supposed for me, tested with a level 1 shaman in pvp.

Make sure right CLASS is equipped to the team. If you switch teams, or make a new team, you gotta assign classes as well to them.

Double check if the team has the class name displayed in the small banner above the team itself.


Yes, the pet team didn’t have a class attached. Fixed. Class event closed so won’t be able to confirm, but presume will work as well. Thank you

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Thanks for letting us know how you went!