Night-Slayer should have an extra ability

I think Night-Slayer’s ability should deal lethal damage to the following troops:

  • Night Hag
  • Night Terror
  • Nightmare
  • Nightshade
  • Nightwing

Clearly these creatures of the night should be slain by the Night-Slayer.


Only if he can get instakilled by dawnbringer.



Ever heard of Flavor Draft in MtG?

I’ve never done one. Outside of prerelease or a draft here and there, I play EDH

Maybe they’re saving the lethal for the next troop, the Night-Executor…

… or the Night-Destroyer, Night-Killer, or Night-Sacrificer (did I miss any?)

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So it is a little clunky, but in a Flavor Draft you can call a judge over at any time and argue a card should have an effect based on its flavor text, name, artwork, etc. If the Flavor Judge agrees, you get the effect.

So like, for example, the equipment “A Torch” might convincingly have the effect “Destroy creatures named Scarecrow when dealt damage by the equipped creature” etc.

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So, what would be the proper effect for a weapon named “Anu’s Scepter”. Just curious.

Well, the bounds of a flavor draft are sort of like the bounds of a D&D session. If you make the flavor judge laugh you’re probably going to get your way.

So I might call a judge over if another player called me a name related to any part of butt anatomy and argue that their assertion I am an anus clearly means I am the owner of “Anu’s Sceptre” and it must be moved to my side of the playfield immediately. I mean, it has my name on it.