Newly addicted player needs help with a guild (1500 seals + Tier 1 PVP)

I’m a new player (around 10 days), but I play heavily at least 4 hours per day, 7 days a week.

I joined a guild randomly from the Guild menu and last week it didn’t even reach 20,000 seals. It did all the tasks to at least Rank 5, which was great for a newbie, but I was very disappointed in the lack of participation. Half the members are inactive or extremely casual.
My Guild Chat was empty except for people asking to be promoted, and no one answered my 2 attempts to say hi or talk about the guild.

I did 1500 seals and Tier 1 PvP. I could have done more trophies if anyone told me they wanted more. As a new player, I was mostly soul farming, doing challenges, and quests.

To give you an idea of where I’m at (I assume you’ve all been there before) I have:
–Level 51 (Archer 11)
–Spider Armor [175 gems saved toward Dragon]
–All cities at Rank 3 or better
–Darkstone at Rank 9 (i.e., 1 of the 4 Magic cities)
–PVP Offense (last week) 72% win rate
–PVP Defense at least 50% win rate, but it doesn’t tell me
–Not a lot of gold…yet!

Maybe week 2 will be harder to get Tier 1 PvP, but I assume I can always get there by being patient and choosing the easy battle on the left. Even if I can’t get there (?) I can still earn trophies for the Guild just by playing.


My suggestion to you is that you post in global chat when it’s available. There are always folks in there looking to recruit for their guilds, and you will almost definately find one that’s more active than what you get from a random joinup.

The guild recruitment forum here is a good place to find a suitable guild.

Just list your level, average gold, seal and trophy contributions and you will be snapped up in no time.