Looking for a guild (PC)

Hey, I’m lvl 40 player looking for a a guild that is making ~5k seals a week. I’ve been in guild that is 90% afk and I was doing 200-500 seals per week, so I think with 30 people it should be super easy to do 5k, as long as the guild is alive.

You should be able to find a guild like this in the random guild choices that the game gives you. Just keep refreshing the list (you might have to join a guild and then leave to refresh) until you find one with 20+ members. That’s how I found my first guild and they were pretty good at the start.

The one I am sitting atm is 30. :slight_smile:
It really isn’t about number but about people logging in once or twice per week.

If that one has 30 inactive players, then go looking for another! I believe you should be able to find a decent one. I don’t think the devs have any power to clean up inactive guilds, so there’s a lot to sift through.

Do u play more than 2-3 times per week?

Yea, that kinda sucks, to be honest.

Atm I play pretty much everyday, but it’s quite hard contributing much, cause I don’t have any decently leveled units or combos.

welcome to join us,friend.i’ll send A invite if you want.:grinning: