Noob looking for guild

New player here, so hi! :smiley:

So I’m looking for guild, which would help me grow.

I have got that 2000 seals in week so far.
Currently in guild, which has way too many under 100 seals per week. :grimacing: Hoping that guild would at least reach that 40k seals.

I haven’t build all my kingdoms or even open all of those yet. So not sure can I donate gold much. Still would like to have guild, which can finish some of those.

I’m only lvl183. Trying to do something in those guild event things. But of course haven’t level enough heroes to make big difference.
Have discord, but haven’t use it in long long time. I use line a lot though.
So is there guild, who could help noob like me?

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Hi Lulua,

Gemocide Lite of the Gemocide family is recruiting level 100+ players who can do 25k gold/300 seals, (or level < 100 zero gold, 300/seals.) Guild event reqs for all. Discord is a requirement and we’re very newbie friendly.

While Lite doesn’t hit 40k regularly, we do have higher guilds to work up to that hit it every week and once a month we do an event where people from Lite can move up the guilds to spend their amassed guild seals anyway.

Join our server Gemocide if interested.

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Check out the guild recruitment channel here so you can browse a bunch of guilds.

We have room now in Prancypants if you want to join. We’re a casual guild. Check us out at GoW: Prancypants Feel free to browse discord before joining if you want. Discord is also optional, anything important there will be shared in game.

No gold needed, 100 trophies/week, and 750 seals/week. We regularly get the max 40k seals/week as a guild.

Your rank (Fresh Pair, Shuffle Pants, Dancy Pants, and Prancy Pants) is determined by event participation. Fresh Pair is our trial rank. All new players get a month to hit Shuffle Pants.


I concocted a guild with my ownself. I don’t know how to do it. If anyone wants to join drop me a line. I am playing with this game very much every day. I don’t collect anything, l am playing only because l love this game, the challenges. Just to the sake of playing. ThankX. :star_struck: Oh, and I am an adult, not under 18 please. Thank you.