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New Xbox Guild to complete all tasks

The upcoming guild update will substantially change the task mechanics. I can see that there aren’t many options for guilds with high mins on Xbox One so I will be starting a new one.

I would like to measure if there is sufficient interest to support such a guild on this system. Please leave a message here, or PM me, if you are interested in the following requirements:

  1. 533k gold
  2. 1500 seals
  3. Active communication

A new guilds low mastery level can be steadily overcome if we contribute 16million+ each week.

You may get 5, maybe 10 people. But 30? Good luck…

Those people are already entrenched in their top guilds and aren’t likely to leave. There simply aren’t enough hardcore players on Xbox willing to quit the guild they are in to start one with those requirements, at least IMO. Guild of thieves will meet this already so nobody’s going to be willing to leave from there. I’d consider myself among the top 5% of top players and 533k gold per week isn’t a sustainable amount for me to donate at the amount I play, so you’re looking for a very very small group of people that can meet what you are asking.

I dont expect it to be easy. The userbase is not engulfed with high earners but there is still plenty of players who can do 533k, they are just widely spread.

They really aren’t as widely spread as you are imagining. Load up the Guild leaderboard in game and scroll to the top page. Most high level players are members of one of those guilds or another. On occasion they will move between them but that’s about it.

Good luck with you search.

I can only see the top 100 but every one of them are doing enough to earn way above 533k, maybe the top 150 or 200.

Edit: A lot more. I have earned 533k some weeks while being outside the top 1000.

I too wish you the best of luck on your endeavor.

One of the major problems the consoles have always had is that with no chat functionality, many players are simply unaware of what other guild opportunities are out there. So unless they are here on the forums (which only a small percentage are) or get very lucky with their in-game guild search, they will often stick with their existing guild, no matter how dead it may be. I think that once we do get chat on consoles (should be very soon), the overall quality of guilds on consoles should potentially go up, since there will be more of a known market for top players.

Anyway, like you said, it won’t be easy, but I agree with you that there are some good players out there in less-than-competitive guilds who might join up if they were made aware of what you’re offering. You’ll just have to be very persistent, and I would hit the chat rooms hard. Good luck!

Gems names aren’t the same as xbox game tag names, so currently there’s no way to even message any players on the top list.

Being guild master is a lot of work. More work than you probably think. And no top player will want to join a new guild. You just can’t level guild statues quickly because you can only complete so many tasks per week.

Don’t worry, I am aware of what’s involved and how things function, the hardest part will be sourcing members.

Thank you for the advice everyone.

Einsteinle, a working chat would be brilliant.

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What’s your goal? I think hardcore players have a better future on PC. On Xbox everything seems like a small village.
If you need fast progress you should join Guild of Thievs, they are the only one playing this game on elite level

I agree, I think it is still worth trying though. The goal is to have 30 people who can do 533k regularly. I’m not pushed on doing legendary tasks

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