New Weapon The Infinity

Ok what about make this thanos glove
It uses All colours 32 mana cost
on souls forge. for 1Mill souls 500k glorys 500 treasure maps 500 gems
500 mixed colour jewels and 500 mixed ingots

What it dose.
Uses the enemys traits against them
Including you’re hero class and weapon traits

Gain 10 souls 10 gold 1 glorys
Hits the the first enemy based on resources collected or something


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cough Copyright cough :wink:

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Instead of a glove maybe a fanny pack!

Why not snap and kill half of the troops? :wink:


Lol Balance in GOW!


Yep, the perfect thing to kill the balance and the game.


Traits are becoming extremely powerful
Its gonna happen sooner or later

What if it killed half of all troops in play—even if your opponent had one left, whereas you had 3…

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Lol i guess you didin’t get the avengers reference, i thought it was obvious i was joking :slight_smile:

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In the Infinit war or endgame :grin::joy:
No spoilers