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Nerf the O-P-P-C Now Please

Ubastet or what I call him O-P-P-C “Overpowered Pussycat” He’s way too well…Overpowered…worse than Dawnbringer in My opinion. The Devs already Screwed The Dragon Soul. So even out his mistake by nerfing Ubastet.

You’re right. I also think the game gives out way too many rewards. 1 gold is enough per match, and every 10 matches should award one soul. Traitstones should be awarded roughly once per week. This game is entirely too easy.


@Slypenslyde You are my new hero.

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Ubastet makes a tasty snack for Great Maw… :slight_smile:

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Last time Uba hit me he did zero damage. I would learn to play game or if you can’t win 3 trophy match go to 1 trophy match. I will put up easier Def just for you. You are welcome. :sunglasses:

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