Are the Devs taking things too far?

All the Mythics coming in, this isn’t fair to all the new joiners to the game. Remember when Goblins were the biggest threat? Or the Knight Coronet? When Emporer Korvash came in & threatened our Mana Drain as well as steal ur life?
Look where it’s come to. It’s an impossible game. I’m level 1165 and I can not. CAN NOT beat the typical now Divine, Infernus, Ubastet, Ish. Even after a nerf.
I know there’s an anti-divine coming but that’s a mythic. I say screw that, it should be common.

505, make more Sniper Elite please and take care of the incomming people that might like this Gems game. You are making it WAY too hard for new joiners.


I can’t tell if you’re joking :thinking:


make dp create 3 gems not boosted!
and divinia should only give 3 life and not explode

Great Maw
Divine Ishbaala

Yellow ++ Banner

Get Mercy off ASAP on a 4 Yellow match and Maw devours Ubastet. Sorted!


I don’t even have Infernus. At my level! I’m missing 17 mythics.
I’m talking about new joiners to this game. The devs keep making it more about current players & less about new joiners.
I’m lvl 1165 & don’t have anything that counters this new founded Unbeatable set. I’ve tried so many combos, nothing I can do will beat them. We don’t all have have the mythics you refer to.

Despite this, you are not listening to my point. Are the devs taking this too far because new joiners can NOT keep up in PVP, Guild Wars, Events… the nightmare for them doesn’t end. They can’t get what high levels can. It’s not good. It deters them & they don’t want to play because they can’t keep up.

Don’t you think the devs should stop making these WAY OP troops and maybe put a little concentration in to new joiners? Help them ease in and enjoy the game?

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Have you even had a look on these boards recently? This is the only thread I can see where a player at your level complains about that the game is too hard. I am sorry, but the problem is not the game.


Nobody’s going to listen, I had 3 family members roped in to play this, they all left because PvP was too stupidly hard; One had a Goblin, a Centaur Scout and Luther & her line up of PvP was all punchy score of 5k+ (I call it that because of that fist) and the last one was 11k punchy. Are you kidding me? You put that squad as a challenge to a newcomer that only really has 3 troops to their squad?

If you don’t have Infernus, try The Dragon Soul or craft it in the Soul Forge.

There are always options, for instance the “unbeatable” Goblin teams which are easy to deal with by 3 x Gob Chomper and Mercy.

As to your meta point :wink:, the Devs have to strike a balance between the needs of new players and existing ones. There’s still plenty of stuff that newcomers can do, but why should all options be available to them from the word go?

There’s no obligation for someone to do every mode in the game, for instance when I started I didn’t play PvP for a long time because I couldn’t win it, I just did Quests and Explores until I’d got enough experienced troops to give myself a fighting chance.

It wouldn’t be much of a challenge to simply go straight in at the top, would it?


Yes they can keep up in PvP. The last couple of months I was playing on a low level account again after a break I started playing it again when it was around level 200 and I couldn’t do a lot of my 3 trophy fights for a while so I did the 1 and 2 trophy instead that’s what they are there for.

GW and events aren’t really for new players they instead have quests, soul farming, traitstone farming and various other things. Pet rescues, bounty, GW, Raids ect are meant for endgamers that don’t have much else to do since we finished quests and have traited and leveled everything.

As far as the divine meta that is very beatable I did it a lot at level 500 with Hero using Mountain Crusher and starting the battle with a fire storm, Dragon Soul, Queen Mab and Krystenax.

My low level account is now over level 1000 with around half my kingdoms at 5* and quite a few really good teams so I think the game is fine the way it is.


Great advice from @Rockwell right here. You should thank him/her for it.

And I have some nice advice for you too, if you wanna listen…

Remember that you have 6 match options, 3 matches from Ranked PvP and 3 matches for Casual PvP. Nobody said that you should only do the 3 trophy Ranked ones against Divines. Also the Casual PvP matches only cost 50 gold to refresh.


Then they need to join and guild and do some arena to get some keys and souls before they jump in to PvP.


Goblins are easy to beat with Valkyrie, Justice, Mab,. Emp Korvy. No problem, If you have those troops & have them fully traited.
My point is, I think the devs are taking it too far with mythics. It’s too hard to compete, there are new people, they don’t have those troops & they have nothing to counter them.
Joining a Guild is encouraged, but some they join, they can’t keep up with.
Basically, there’s not a balance.
The devs are seeming to favor the people that are high level only.

But they don’t. Most of the Mythics is not even anything special…


Oh, all mythics are special if you know how to use them!

Oh, some of them flat out sucks…


Depends on how you use them._

No, sorry to tell you. So many of the mythics is rubbish, and especially for CPU.
Also you should be a little grateful when experienced players or players in general are spending valuable time giving you advice in this game. You tell other to listen to you, why would they when you flat out ignore their advice?


And your comment was of what value?
You clearly haven’t read the post.
All mythics are good depending how you decide to use them.
I’m not asking advice in this post whatsoever. So what is your point?

Nobody’s going to listen, I had 3 family members roped in to play this, they all left because PvP was too stupidly hard; Had a Goblin, a Centaur Scout and Luther & was faced with 3 PvP squads of over 5000 punch score. (I call it punch score coz of the fist!.)

Did anybody actually listen to this post?
Is everyone only always out to “get” someone?


These people are the reasons I rarely ever damn post in forums.

You guys kill me.
Sleep well people. I’m out.