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New Troops! Are they available?

If you go to troops and click show all, you will find several new troops!

Can anyone confirm that they are available in chests yet??

Thanks! :wink:

You are on Console correct?


I am on iOS atm, but steam too.

Edit that… Nope

CErtain new troops are not available at the moment as they are possible future event troops.

Of the newly-added troops, only Wraith (glory packs and RMT purchase) and Morthani’s Will (glory packs and event chests) are available. The rest of those troops are presumably forthcoming.


Yah, while in the troops menu and selecting the kingdom filter you can also see a new kingdom-name: “apocalypse”

Apocalypse has nothing to do with the new troops. It’s not a real kingdom either. It’s a group name like ‘Elemental’ for the Imps. War is the first troop of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, with presumably Pestilence, Famine and Death to come.

Marvel he is not referring apocalypse. Check the full troops list, you’ll see around 10 troops you never saw before.
And efh no, they are not available, they are the troops from next 3-4 weeks events. Checking their colors might hint you towards which traitstones will be available so you know to save your glory or not :wink:

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@DonBoba: yes, he is referring to the kingdom filter…
And there’s only 6 troops greyed out after selecting Show All (provided you have all that are available). :slight_smile:

Yep, only 6 (well that’s not little :P). Seemed to me like it was more xD