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Hmm when did i miss these new troops addition? -possible spoilers maybe

anubite warrior, dragon cruncher, and settite warrior

you can seem them if you go into troops and click show all :smiley:

They were added in the same patch as Morthani’s Will. Spirit Fox was one as well. We’re assuming that they’re going to be future event troops (as Spirit Fox as turned out to be)

Mad Prophet is another one.

hmm didn’t notice them then, I think i seen the mad prophet there before arg… lol hmmm should i unbox loads of stuff trying to find them early …hmmmm

They are not in chests yet.

Yep these are all upcoming troops. It’s not a spoiler because every player in the game could see them.

Note though the release order may not yet be finalised, and the troops themselves may be subject to change before release…