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New Troop Spell Concept

How has no one mentioned Polymorph yet?! I want to turn Maws into chickens!


The Great Maw --> The Great Ba-kaw?


Well, the new stun mechanics do something like polymorph, removing all traits on Gorgotha equals it becoming a chicken. Polymorph could, say silence and half life and armor on the targeted troop? Complete with a Ba-caw sounds effect if the opponent tried to cast a spell anyway. If silence is OP, how about stopping the troops from casting, but they still gather mana?
Nice idea, mate! :grinning:

now this sounds like a great idea to me, especially if it was lower rarity (max ultra rare), so easy accessible across the entire player-base. I would however suggest it not being random, and after it charged, you can mimic (turn into) any of your own (might make few sense, or a lot, very situational) or your enemies troops (which would allow people who don’t have for example 3-traited Plague, to have a taste of using it. And if well balanced mana-cost-wise, it would be fair too, because they have to fill the troop first, waste a turn to use it - then they get the troop, and obviously only for the duration of the match.

a HUGE +1 for this idea