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New Trait : Sixth Sense/Eagle Eye

This would give certain cards the ability to See/ Target “stealthy” enemies…would be a great counter for Princess Fizzbang…among others…could even go as far as add an upgraded version to mythic/legendary traits which the mythic or legendary could grant this trait to others…though may not be as feasible.

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They could always just make any troop with hunter’s mark ability as well as any troop with the hunter’s mark status effect on them always targetable even if stealthy. It would make hunter’s mark slightly less useless when using it on something that isn’t the 1st slot.

Currently, stealthy’s counter is multi target or random stuns, with Khorvash being the best for it.


I still don’t see why skull damage can’t be directed to the troop with the hunter’s mark. If there’s more than one, one nearest to the top.

That would have been far a better design for it, as I have long, long since campaigned… but I think that’s in the too hard box, really…

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