Idea: Cloaked status effect

We currently still have only one positive status effect, Barrier. How about a status effect that grants a troop Cloaked? It’d be like hiding in shadows in other games, and could have several effects, such as:

  1. A Cloaked troop could have its stats (health, mana pool, etc.) hidden from the opponent. On defense, that could serve to make it harder for the invading player to decide whether to target the Cloaked troop or not. On offense…well, perhaps it’d be useless :confused:

  2. A Cloaked troop could do more damage (maybe 2x) on skull hits, or gain a temporary boost to Magic, etc.

  3. Rogue troops could have a trait that allows them to do even more damage when Cloaked, or to allow them to hit the rear target with skulls when Cloaked, or any number of other combo effects.

In any case, Cloaked would break on the first time that troop casts a spell, matches skulls, or takes damage.



its current mana shielded from the ai would make it less desirable as a target for stun or mana drain :slight_smile:


Along those lines, what about spells that create a buff that gives a trait like effect?

Vanish - A spell that makes an ally “stealthy”
Diamondskin - A spell that makes an ally act like it has Stoneskin

Stuff like that.


the idea needs expanded on, however what you have so far is good. Maybe it would act like stealth where it can not be targeted for spells and abilities, but also is immune to status effects. It should act like barrier as well so once it gets hit it pops, or has a chance of dropping when you cast a spell or attack. I would like something like this however needs more thoughts and molding to find a perfected version.

I was thinking of stuff like this, we have many negative stats effects but only barrier from good stuff.
Maybe something like critical strike buff. Effect that makes your troop deal double skull damage on its next skull hit.
And stuff like that :slight_smile:

There is an effect in Puzzle Quest like that called hide/hidden. Hidden troops do 2x damage with everything until they take damage. It is basically a reverse hunter’s mark.

It would have to be for the troop itself though. Placing an effect like that on a chosen troop would be waaaaay too overpowered, such as a cloaked Crimson Bat or Rowanne. xD


Yeah, 2x any effect would be much too strong. I’d say something more like, “A Cloaked troop deals 2x Skull damage and temporarily gains 5 Magic” or something along those lines would be more appropriate.

Then we can get a Legendary Rogue who has a trait that Cloaks a troop on 4x matches :slight_smile:

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Cloaked Bone Dragon… :stuck_out_tongue:

If cloak expires when it casts a spell…

But you could cloak a tank and let BD feed it skulls.

rogues that get the backstab (that x2 from sneaking) - usually cant use armor… just a way to balance?

war = broken effect.

Rogues already tend to have low Armor and Life values in the game, allocated more toward offense. (See Tyri for example.)

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