New Steam Gems of War client

Hi Steam Folks,

We’ve just pushed out an updated Steam Client for Gems of War.

It has a number of fixes, including:

  • Defend Teams not constantly loading in as your default Attack Team
  • Daily Bonus crash fixed
  • Great Maw glitch & Unkillable 0-health troop glitches fixed (we think!!!)
  • Chat log scrolling issues
  • Incorrect Kingdom showing in profile menu

More fixes to come!


\o/ Thanks for this @Sirrian!

Looks like Devs got a coloured name in chat now too! :smiley:

is still there :cry:

OVe: Are you on Steam? Or Mobile?

Just curious, what glitch was this? I’m not sure if I’ve seen it…

This was the glitch where Hungerer could trigger over multiple targets if you matched a large number of skulls at once.

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was this the overkill or the phantom menace glitch for the maw?

Edit this is why you shouldn’t try to read patch notes while doing other things.

From the sounds of it it was both? My guess is that the overkill was causing the phantom menace.[quote=“Sirrian, post:1, topic:7514”]

  • Great Maw glitch & Unkillable 0-health troop glitches fixed (we think!!!)

When can i enjoy these fixes on my tablet?

IMO it’s more annoying to have to change your defense team everytime. Now I feel obligated to grind with my war lineup. If I’m. Going for a while iOS is better in its current form.

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This^ I have just stopped playing PVP for now.

Same thing happens when you are farming challenges

Edit: and my Valkyrie lineup is garbage in the hands of the ai

The constant switching is really annoying but they know that and will be pushing out a fix. In the interim, I just set my defense to my offense team while I’m grinding then switch back. Alternatively, move them right next to one another so it’s easy to toggle between.


This is the answer. My defense team is now in my first slot, and my PVP team is in my second slot. It’s incredibly easy to change over.

Playing casual PvP at higher difficulty levels gives the enemy team the stat boost, but post battle rewards continue to be as if the match was played at “normal” difficulty (at least for souls).

Also confirming that using a team in PvP then checking the defenders tab will have the team you just used as the defend team. Not sure if this is when the swap occurs or if it right after the PvP battle.


This still happens every single time for me :confused:

We don’t want the defense team to constantly load as the default attack team.

The defense teams should always be what is set as defenders.
The Attack teams should always be the last team used.

P.S. I feel strongly your 2.0 release was headed in the right directions. :slight_smile: Good Job! Having a choice of three people to attack is awesome and being able to see other people’s builds is awesome. There are few problems obviously that you are working on but all in all the basic update is really great.

This is how it worked before the update and it was a lot better. Now I have to constantly switch teams and sometimes I forget and end up attacking with my defense team which is not what I want to attack with.

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