Invade Team is made Defense Team

The fix to having your defense team be automatically selected, is having an adverse effect. My invade team is now my Defense Team every time I play a match. I have to set my Defense Team before every battle.

Confirmed 10 characters

Bring on the mawmeggedon

I know right lol.

Plus I kept getting your client is out of date with the servers and kicked to download a 188 kb file. Time to go back to mobile

Fix is on its way already

Edit: actually yours seems to be the other way around? Wonder if it got fixed too…

No this is most likely caused by this fix.

I think I saw reports of this before now. Lemme see if I can find them or if I was hallucinating


Tried Verifying your Game Cache?

Nope I just migrated to the couch and my phone

Hey Guys, we’re having a look into this now.

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Also I’ll admit I did jump the gun a little bit. I wasn’t able to check the game myself till just now. And I’m running into an issue in where I can’t change my defense team from what it currently is.

So apologies to @Mufasha @Gouki and @Koolbiird

Absolutely no apologies needed, it is very obvious you are just trying to help out.


I second this! I appreciate your diligence @Ozball.


It’s a maw eat maw world out there!

I want a Maw :frowning: Anyone selling any litters? (I assume you’d call it a litter…)


I don’t think they procreate, how could they? All they do is eat all day.

Except on Mobile where it’s just maw eat glitch

I’d give you mine, I’m not even using it.

I don’t get why everyone is so bothered with maw. It’s not even as good as True Shot + Agile used to be.

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I’m not overly bothered with Maw specifically… I just want more legendaries to go with my Behemoth :stuck_out_tongue: