New status effects' visuals. A troop stunned, webbed, set on fire, poisoned, entangled, death marked, enchanted, submerged, freezed and silenced at the same time! 😁



Guess what troop is it? :grin:



I miss Barrier and Faerie Fire. Those were hard to get due to Burn and amplified damage.
EDIT: And Hunter’s Mark is missing too.
EDIT2: And Enrage.

3.2.5 Feedback and suggestions

I am so glad you included an animated version of this. It’s quite an eyesore.


yes the new visuals are redickulus lol.
i cant see when a troop is frozen. buggs me.
oh well as long as sony, microsoft, ect like the new look lmao. dont matter what players think


They have created an 8th version of “storm”.




specifically designed not only to affect the troops, but also incapacitate the person playing it! :laughing:

this is next level immersive experience.


I think its a Leviathan?


Yes =) What about the first one? Tip: it can apply submerge to your troops.


Must be a Waverider - with ability ready to cast.





Now we can play blindly XD And I can’t even understand what effects are on…


That is simply awesome.


Those things look like screen savers from the late 90s…or those media waveform visualizers you watch while listening to trance techno.

I haven’t been playing much lately, so the new status effect animations are taking some serious getting used to. They used to take up different parts of the border/art and this stacked well. Now, though…I can’t imagine trying to parse whatever that mess up there is.


I don’t know why you’re all so confused. That’s not the stack of multiple separate status effects. That’s the new rainbow sparkle effect for the new status called ‘fukt’.


LOL - this is clear sign, that the devs don‘t eat their own sh*t! Covering vital stats with (not even well done) animations is just a no go!


Hunter’s Mark is missing too, right?


status effects almost made me lose points on a GW battle today, I thought that the opponent had 5 health when he really had fifty something health, the second number was completely obscured by effects. Luckily the troop I used to attack him got a lucky skull skyfall and finished him off or I likely would have lost a troop on the next turn.

Those status effects are out of control.


Status effects need a roll back and I thought the Freeze thing was being overstated until I played my first match against a MAB and got raped on the next turn when I matched 4 and had no idea which one of my troops was frozen.



But…He´s not enraged.


I usually try to cut the Devs some slack. After all, it’s easy to complain, rather harder to come up with a good solution, but these animations seriously make the game harder. And that’s for someone with normal eyesight playing on a 10" tablet.