New Status Effect: Acid

We need a new status effect feature in this game, we need something that is poison, web, and entangle all in one. I got it, I’ll call this new status effect Acid, where it loses one point to all skills every turn, like with poison it will require a cleanser to cleanse this effect.

And you think this is not to strong?

Not too strong nor too weak.

It would make poison obsolete. Why poison when you can acid?

Especially with the no-auto-cleanse it would make a Cleanser on your team mandatory. There are only 11 troops that can cleanse currently, and 3 of them only cleanse themselves.



Not necessarily. It’s somewhat like with poison and burn - burn is in most cases much better, but the devs said more than once that they offset that with other effects of a spell. If you had a troop that applies acid and doesn’t do much more (and/or the spell cost is high) it could be alright.
Which doesn’t change the fact that this effect is very strong, with no auto-cleanse perhaps too strong.

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Mmm no thanks. As @donboba says it sounds overpowered. And unnecessary, too similar to what we have. Rather than fiddle around making another too-similar status and lots of work for devs, why not instead:

  1. make the status effects we have more meaningful, and / or
  2. get more and greater synergy with status effects being on the board (freeze is pretty good, the rest are naff for that)
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Ok you’re right, this status effect does sound a bit too overpowered.

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Oh my goodness… You posted an idea, people disagreed with you… and you thought about it and changed your mind… Someone call the regulators, a reasonable person snuck into the forum…


If it reduce a random state effect by 2 each turn, and had a chance to be cleansed like fire or others, now that would be better. But still very similar to many other states effects and not necessary.

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As a fan of D&D, I like this. You could assign acid to one or two of the many Dragons in the game, possibly even create several knew creatures with acid attacks.

It does seem quiet OP the way you describe it.

There’s quite a few OP things already in the game, so I don’t see a problem. Give it to plague instead.

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Acid… it reminds of something i made before so i’ll just throw an idea that i had sketched for a while, but i never really worked on it a the time:

  • We could have Acid or some other debuff to deal damage to the first troop, then it would “drip/run below” into the second troop at the next round, and so to the third in the next round and then to the last troop at last. Acid and Lava would be thematically nice, but it could be just a “chain lightning” too. It could have a fairly high damage since it would last only one turn on each troop, and during this time there is room to cleanse all allies or the one that has the “hot potato” before it pass to the next victim.

If it could be coded to always descend dealing damage until there is no troop available it would be quite cool using Khopeshi to pull the last enemy with this debuff to repeat the cycle. XD

Now that i’m thinking a little more about it, maybe this would be reasonable if the spell would have a “recharging time” or “cooldown” to balance/scale the damage a little higher than we can usually see in AoE spells. Also having some spells with cooldowns could sort of work in GoW i think, the mana would be “blocked” pretty much like an one-shot spell, but with a little timer counting the turns before the spell (and mana pool) being available to the troop again.

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