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Electric status

I think it would be really nice to add electric status effect, it could be similar as charm cast and deal damage to a troop and both connected guys

like mix of poison and charm: electric zap to adjacent allies doing 1dmg ?

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What about it being some kind of Paralyze? Having a chance to stop enemy from casting a spell that turn and losing turn if it happens so? Lets say about 30-50%, because it’s not every turn that enemy has a spell ready.

Yeah something like this would be cool

This is also a good idea

You not have electric status cause damage to a troop every time it casts a spell or attacks, the damage being equal to the affected troops attack.

Magic might work for that too

You could release it weak to do some minor damage, like burn, or continue to charge it up and use it later with an option to fry one troops life or share it amongst all enemies.