New Spell TYPE-- Conditional Procs

What if there were a new type of Spell introduced which created a temporary condition on an ally?

For example a spell like Poison Blade: the ally in the first slots next skull match applies poison

Or a much more deadly option:

Fatal Magic: your ally’s next spell kills 1 target

I was thinking about all of those cards that have condition procs like Lamia, if an enemy dies then she gets a boost. This would be an interesting way to create new troop combos and breathe some new life into old troops…

Just a thought… feel free to tear IT apart below… not ME. :wink:


I like the idea :slight_smile:
Killing would be to much, but applying some states effects on skull hits would be great.
For example:
Some glacial peaks or Stormheim troop could get a spell like this:
Cleanse an ally, give it attack and life (magic) and make it do frozen attacks.
Attack icon could change into blue swords and every attack of that ally would work as chill touch.
Same can be done with a lot of state effects.

Or give your first ally true attacks. Skull attack from that ally will ignore armor on next skull match :slight_smile:

And stuff like that :slight_smile:

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I think the ideas are too situational for me to really agree with. Fatal Magic would be too strong, but I don’t think the other idea is strong enough.

I like the way you’re thinking though. We need more people in the community coming up with ideas for troops rather than nerfs. (although sometimes nerfs are needed) I for one would really like some team synergy cards where they each buff each other up more, and in different ways.

I just think the buff shouldn’t be situational, it should be static.

You’re the person for the job efh, keep the ideas coming!

Edit- I think you’re on the right track for how they can make commons and rares more useful though. Giving them these buffs would maybe increase their usage, while keeping potency low enough. As long as it’s not the one-hit kill type stuff.

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Thanks for the feedback guys! I knew Fatal Magic was too strong but I wanted to throw out both extremes and see what came back. :wink:

I love the idea of the icon changing for the troop in the first slot @DonBoba! I know its more work that will probably never be considered since its purely cosmetic, but what a neat visual. :wink:

I would be worried that if the bonus were permanent that adding additional effects may make it too powerful… maybe it depends on the rarity of the card casting the bonus?

Well adding someone permanent chilly touch, or potion touch, or burning touch doesn’t sound to huge to me. You would need to cast the spell, and then do skull damage for it to take effect at all.
And since it already exist in traits it isn’t to strong :slight_smile:
Adding death mark to that shouldn’t happen, but frozen, burning, poison and sick doesn’t sound too strong at all :slight_smile:
And I don’t think the cosmetic change would be much of a problem. Right now we have crossed swords on yellow platform behind attack strength number. Changing that to blue for frozen, red for burning, green for potion, and purple (?) for sick doesn’t sound to complicated since it’s just recoloring :slight_smile:

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i like the conditional spell idea but id restrict it to working only next turn, since its potentially too dangerous (next turn this ally spell damage is doubled, etc)

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With doubled spell damage, having it apply to next turn only would be a good solution :slight_smile:
Or to avoid masiv damage from looping troop (for example double damage on hell hound looping)
it could be applied during the next turn or until the spell is cast.
In that cast either you use your spell next turn and it expires or you don’t use it and it expires anyway when the turn is over.
But having something like that would be masiv fun :slight_smile:

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I’m imagining here about doing a combo with double spell damage with bat. That would feel so good :open_mouth:

I like it too, we have Barrier, a conditional proc DEFENSIVE effect, so I wanted to explore the conditional proc OFFENSIVE effect concept.

I tend to agree with @DonBoba regarding conditional effects on skull dmg. If they are kept to Poison, Disease, Burn, and Frozen (maybe Entangle) then I don’t think it’s too OP. But playing Devil’s Advocate, what if you included a timer like negative status effects have, an increasing 10% chance of it to remove itself after each use?

As for purely conditional, one-time, bonuses I think they can exist too if they effect greater things… like Death Touch, or spell effects like:

Double Cast: Give an ally 5 mana and increase their spell’s mana cost by 50%, on their next cast the spell fires twice. (Buy 1 get one Half off)

So lets say I have a Gard ready to fire. (24 mana) An ally casts Double Cast on Gard. His spell cost increases to 36, he receives 5 mana bringing his total to 29, and with one/two more matches he is ready to cast. When he does, his spell effect is triggered twice.

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