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New Shentang Troop

Here is my idea for a new troop:

Name: Divine Owl or Tai Owl
Kingdom: Shentang
Rarity: Legendary
Role: Generator
Type: Beast/Mystic
Mana: Yellow/Blue; cost 16 to cast

Spell: Give all allied troop 8 Mana and X (Based on magic) life boosted by beast allies.
Boost ratio: 1:1

Water Link (Gain bonus blue mana from blue gem matches)
Armore Piercing (50% chance to ignore armore with skull damage)
Wild growth (All beast allies gain 2 attack and life on 4 or 5 gem matches)

Bronze: +2 Life
Silver: +3 Life
Gold: +2 Magic

I think this is a well rounded troop, so please consider it to be put into the game :slight_smile: