New Kingdom - Shentang


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New Kingdom: Shentang

Join Penglong, of Shentang, as you explore the mountain home of the Sky Elves!

We have a new Kingdom to explore, as well as lots of new troops, which include the corrupted Yao Guai, and leader of Sky Elves, Emperor Liang!
And keep an eye out for Transcend - a new trait that will exchange Life to Magic on 4+ Gem mtches to make the Sky Elves’ spells more powerful!

Please note that while the Sky Elves of Shentang, will all have the Mana Shield trait, this will be changing with the 3.3 Update for a special new trait.
Also Shentang is currently showing as a Magic skill bonus kingdom, this is incorrect. It is a Life bonus kingdom at level 10

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Looking forward to all the great troops! :smiley:


Woooooo let’s go!


yay, another +2 Yellow banner. +2Y, +1R, -1G will be very handy somehow.

Kingdom bonus is magic?! … nice!

+9 Glory Tribute Reward?

great kingdom already.


awesome,great gift for us.:grin:


Actually it’s meant to be Life, we’re looking into this, and will be fixing it shortly.


Oh, well… at least the gold chest troops are in the chest this time for Xbox One!


seeing my meager keys stock

Wai Yu Kum Nao?! :anguished:


Ok, before i start spending keys… what chest are the New troops currently in… do i save my event keys till next week… im a little confused…


They won’t be in Event Chests till a Shentang event week. They should be in all other chests.


Is next event shentang then? Heh heh


ok, thanks for clearing that up for me… bye bye gems keys


Heads up team, that Shentang is showing as a magic kingdom is a bug. It’s bonus should be to life.


Anyone get a new legend yet? Want to double check before throwing keys just in case.



Does the name have any meaning? “Shen” - possibly “ghost”, “tang” - possibly “house”?


anyone pull Diviner on Xbox One? Pulled about 300 gem keys, 7k seals in 40k seal chest, and 500 glory keys with no Diviner in sight


I got Yao Guai! Wanted Emperor Liang though :sob:
Sirrian got Emperor Liang and Yao Guai though :rage:


I’m on PC/mobile but also haven’t found her. Maybe just unlucky.


Plot summary no one who didn’t play the plot will understand:
The elves of Shentang need to start hoarding keys to open some chests or they’ll never reach their goal. According to Long Boi, they especially need to form some guilds and get a guild guardian or two.
Long Boi is, compared to all other quest epics, most wise and realized his job is to be of no help whatsoever. Very wise. Very long. Maybe even more wise than long?


Seems Penglong dropping from chests on PC instead of Diviner?