New regular events

Hi guys im lv60 and loving the game so far. One thing I do think it’s missing are really engaging events that let all players/guilds compete against each other. Here are some suggestions -

Ranking system for all players. All players get 3 fights a day and can fight anyone within 5 ranks above them so if they win all 3 fights you could go up 15 places. At end of the week/day all players receive a reward based on rank. Rank 1 the best rewards and so on. The rankings never reset they just continue. Will make players want to play every day and will show all players a current and upto date ranking system do they can rank players

Monster invasion
A guild event. Once a fortnight for 4-5 days a horde of monsters appears at a new or existing location on the map. During the event all players have 5 attacks to use on the horde. The horde are 4 extremely overpowered enemies ie 15 attack 99,999 health and armour and powerful spells etc. The guild will likely not kill them during the event 4 but the ranking system is based on dmg done by all players not kills. there is a leaderboard for all players to see that shows guild rankings not player rankings.
Example -
No1 guild a 25,789 dmg
No2 guild b 7,500 dmg
No3 guild c 230 dmg

This is just one example there are lots of events you could think up but the main theme would be a guild ranking system where all players contribute to success and bring them together competitively.

Everyone would use the Shadow Hunter :smiley:

Monster Invasion sounds interesting. I’m curious to know what rewards will be awarded to top guilds.

The ranking system sounds similar to MPQ. At the moment; however, a player 5 levels higher than another player doesn’t necessarily constitute a more powerful adversary. Player rank should be a function of (# of cards, # of maxxed out cards, hero level, guild level).

I need to redo the old Shadow Hunter/Blade Dancer team, and throw in the Hero with the new Cursed Blade. I guess I will finish it off with an Emperina for longevity since the troops are so squishy.

Such a versatile team, doing damage based off enemy attack, armor, or life.