New PVP on Console - Questions

The new PVP on the console is a lot different is there a guide anywhere? I have questions. One is how come when I battle a player that beat my defenders previously and I now win, I get no money or XPATH?

Any help would be appreciated :thinking:

Are you battling them from their profile (from the battle history page)? If so, that’s considered a practice match and provides no rewards. If you’re battling them from the PvP page (by selecting them as one of the three giant tiles, potentially with a red “REVENGE” bonus), you should be getting loot, and if not then that is a bug.

From the battle history page so, that make sense. Thanks!

You used to see how much money you lost in a defense battle but I cannot see that anymore. Am I missing something?

So the good news is that you don’t ACTUALLY lose that money in a defense battle.

There is some crazy complex equation that computes how much money they would TECHNICALLY get, but it doesn’t actually subtract from your totals.

Said equation is based on last time tribute was collected, level difference, and a number of other factors.

That said it doesn’t actually harm you in anyway so no worries!

That is great news…thanks!