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New Player needs help setting teams and maybe other stuff

I’m new to the game, I played F2P for about 5 days and bought all the newbie packages offered to me (this is 4 total) and I would like to remain F2P after this.

I have had a huge influx of cards and am overwhelmed.
I’d like to have a goal/team to work toward, I don’t mind if it will take several weeks to get there.

My current team (I only have 1) is all I have played so far:
Flesh Golem (R/P) to gain mana for AoE. Self-heal = tank
Hero (Red or Purple weapon)
Druid (Bl/G) - AoE
Dust Devil (Br/Y) - AoE [He’s in the back because I don’t care if he’s targeted by Last powers]

AoE is really effective at my current level, but I know that won’t work forever.

And rarely I instead try:
Lamia (by the time she’s dead her ability is no longer good, but it’s very good early against high ATT teams) [No Hero, my hero’s not that great]
Flesh Golem
Dust Devil

[All of the above troops are level 10-12, these are my only leveled troops. No traits unlocked and not a lot of unlock options.]

Here are my Troops, sorted by rarity:

I’d like to have whatever most people have, which I assume is:
PvP team
PvE team for quests
eventually a defensive PvP team, but that’s not as important right now
PvE teams for farming

I don’t have a Valkyrie unfortunately.
My farming options are on the 2nd tab of the spreadsheet above.

I currently have 60% of the cities around 2-3.
Cities are pretty pricey to add right now. (4000 gold)
I’m not sure whether to go for the Magic cities at 10 first or all the cities at 3 first.
I could also waste gold until I get a Valkyrie?

Whitehelm is my home city for the Glory.

My only class is Sorcerer 1. I’ll change that once (maybe) I have a real team theme or two and the investment is worth it.

I’m saving for Spider Armor.
I made the mistake of wearing the Archmage XP armor but took it off after 2 days.

I’m in a great guild if they’ll keep me.

I’m level 25.

P.S. I feel like early (lower level) there are big advantages from having 4x city units, as those 2-4 skill points make a big difference for my current troops at my level.
I don’t have a lot of city options, though, just a few.
Is that crazy?

At your level, the skill bonuses probably help, but they’re still not essential.

You have one of the best troops in the game for your level in Crimson Bat.

So one option is to go for something like:
Hero (Or swap in Remnant to go for the undead bonus.)
Lady Sapphira
Crimson Bat

Don’t underestimate Soothsayer either with the Bat.

Just start saving for a Celestial/Dragon Armor. They really are worth it. A reasonably active guild will help you get there in good time.

The single best piece of advice would be to find yourself a good newbie friendly guild and join up right away. A good guild will provide you many more keys and resources than you could easily get on your own playing F2P. A newbie guild most likely won’t be earning top guild rewards but they’re a great place to start. If you find the right one you might even be able to grow along with the guild, which would be a win-win. :slight_smile:

That’s a nice option. If you use Hero, I would suggest using a green weapon to get coverage of all mana colours. Soothsayer would be a solid choice there as well. Crimson Bat and Saphira both do true damage, so putting mist stalker in place of Skeleton would also work, I think (definitely put him behind Crimson Bat if you do that so he doesn’t soak up the red mana first). You’d get a 3rd true-damage option but give up an undead (for the troop-type bonus).

Keep opening chests and hopefully you’ll get Valkyrie soon. Once you do, the added souls will make the leveling up choices much less nerve-wracking. Crimson Bat will work extremely well with Valkyrie, so investing in Crimson Bat is 100% worth it. You’ll be able to build teams around CB at level 25, 200, 400 and beyond.

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When starting off, you’ll probably want one solid go to team for most occasions (preferably one that uses Valk). The distinction between PvP and other modes doesn’t really occur until kingdom bonuses and ascensions start to commonly factor in.

If you are able to collect income multiple times a day, you’ll want all your kingdoms to around level 5 for tribute chance before going for level 10s. Tributes are rolled every time income is collected and have the same payout and chance whether you wait one hour or 24 hours between collects. It takes around 120k total to level a kingdom to 10, but only 7500 per (+4000 per unlock, it never goes above this) to raise each one to level 5. This may sound like a lot now, but once you get a rhythm going for PvP and have a good gold bonus armor, you’ll start moving at a faster and faster pace.

Once you have everything unlocked and level 5, go for level 10 magic kingdoms first. From there, most people go for attack, then life, then armor, as these are the most universally applicable, but you could go armor first if you like troops that get damage based on armor. Given kingdoms with the same skill bonus, try to level the one that gives the best glory tribute first.

A leveled Warlord class has massive stats compared to unascended troops, with especially nice attack. Sorcerer comes into play later when you can trait them.

I’ll echo the sentiments that Crimson Bat is a good investment and remains relevant at pretty much every level range.

Since you’ve already started on leveling druid, they also pair nicely with valk at the low end when you manage to pull her. Three druids and a valk is an especially cheap low level starter team in terms of traits and souls required, but it also loses its effectiveness fairly quickly.

I’m not sure about spending straight gold to gold keys trying to get valk at this point, since your guild should be a fairly big source of gold keys at this point. If these tasks are already finished (brown at level 7 or higher), you might just want to wait until Monday for more gold keys to be available from guild tasks. The chances of getting valk randomly from a gold key are about 1/345, which could translate to a pretty sizable personal gold investment at this point if you aren’t lucky, but many guilds get 670 gold keys weekly at a much lower personal cost per key when everyone donates. She is also much more common from Glory Keys, at between 1/75 - 1/85, which you should get between your guild and PvP tiers, and maybe even a few Treasure Hunts at this point if you need to. Try to save your raw Glory for weekly glory packs, though.

Speaking of Treasure Hunt, super early on, this is a fairly good option for getting just about every resource. You should be getting a few maps from your guild at least, even if you arent using Tyri to actively farm them. Use them now, they are worthless later on.

Also, until you have access to Valk, you may want to fully clear a few challenges on the highest difficulty possible. A lot of people say you should wait until you have your soul bonus as high as possible to do this, but the extra souls from every challenge star in every kingdom combined at maximum possible free to play soul bonus is only around 5% of the total needed to max out everything. It might be worth completing some to suit your short term needs, and saving some for later when you need a push going for your kingdom stars.