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New player (level 49) looking for active guild

Hi all,

Fairly new player here, level 49, looking for an active guild. The one I’m in is quite sleepy; hits about 15000 seals weekly and doesn’t register for guild wars.

I’m a daily player, looking to progress quickly. I can’t contribute lots of gold as my kingdoms are still low levels but I will likely fulfil my 1500 seals. I’m keen on sticking around in the game and have purchased deathknight armor.

Would be keen to hear from any guilds that want someone fresh and motivated (hmmm, this line sounds like a dating ad).


Hi, Luke!

Check out Unicron’s Marauders. Sounds like you might be a good fit. Looking forward to seeing you!

Thanks Cyclonus. Is the way I find them by doing a search in game, after having left my current guild?

Hi Luke,

We’ve had a number of people like you in the guild who has joined new and became long contributing members.

Fiara’s Flame
Rank: 1500
Statues: Level 37
Tasks: Level 7-8
Seals: 30k

The requirement is 850 seals a week and everything else is optional.
We do have guild wars (lower bracket at current) but again we only encourage not force members to play.
Yet we always won uncontested since we started.
Please send me your invite code if you’re interested.



Sounds great, I’d love to give it a go. Only immediate issue is I’ve already given 700 seals or so to my current guild for this week; is it okay if I don’t make the cap this week?

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My invite code is LUCACACA_YDUK

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Welcome aboard Luke!
I just send the invite, please feel free to join the guild chat once accepting.

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Do you have one more spot ? Lvl 57.

Code : Catra_qpp6

Hi Catra,
Are you comfortable in getting 850 seals?
We’re likely to have a spot on Sunday evening if you don’t mind the wait?
This way you also won’t miss out the goodies from reset.

Yep, last week had 1500 seals. I can wait. Thank you.

Hi Catra,
We had the opening today :blush:
I tried sending you an invite but you need to leave your guild first for me to enable.
Please message me once you left your guild.

Hey, I have left the guild and am ready to join :slight_smile:

Invite sent!
I’ll see you in guild chat :slight_smile: