Looking for an active guild (lvl 234)

I’ll drop here the gowdb link of my profile:

I’m looking for an active guild, I can give 300k gold, 1500 seals and 250 trophies.
My discord is Bulldog#7469

Thanks everyone!

Epic Cataclysm would love to have you!

Find out more at: :gem_doomskull: Epic Cataclysm is Recruiting! (UPDATED) :grinning:

Intrim Family want you !!

Hi! I didn’t see this until now, and you might already have happily found a new guild. But if not, Final Fantasy would love to have you! Our reqs are 500 seals + 100k OR 1000 seals, no gold needed. We’re rebuilding after losing some long time members. Message me if you’re interested! Thanks!

Hi Bulldog!
Madrina’s Marauders has an opening with your name on it.
We’re an active, friendly, supportive family, and are active in all guild events.
Min reqs are max seals, 100,000 gold, and all guild wars matches.
We get 40,000 chests every week.
Hope to hear from you,