New Player looking for a casual but active guild

I just started playing last weekend, and the guild I joined was evidently dead/inactive.
Currently level 57 and still trying to acquire/level up Kingdoms, so I can’t provide much gold, but I can contribute seals and I don’t think I’ll have an issue with 1500/week.
I Log-in daily to try to do at least a bit of play. Days off-work I play quite a bit, but I’m just here to have fun and enjoy the game, not trying to be competitive.

You’d be a great fit for Final Fantasy! We’re rebuilding after losing some long time players. Newbie friendly, focused on having fun, not winning at all costs! Requirements are 500 seals a week plus either another 500 seals OR $100k cash – save your gold to level your kingdoms. Just be active and friendly, that’s all we ask! Message me or reply here if you’re interested!

Hi sell,
Madrina’s Marauders has 2 open spots.
We are an active, friendly, supportive guild.
We’re active in all guild events, but guild wars is the only one that is a req.
Max seals also required. Discord optional.
If you can do those 2 things faithfully I’ll make a spot for you.
This is a great group of people, we can help you learn and grow.
Let me know if you’re interested, spots won’t be open for long!