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New pets in Daily Offers

I have a question about the pets in Daily Offers, how long does it take for a new pet to enter the rotation for Daily Offers or should they be available right away? Specifically, I’m talking about Swampie because all my kingdoms’ power levels are maxed, except for Mist of Scales where I need a second pet ascended to mythic (Swampie in my case since i haven’t maxed the corresponding delve yet). But in today’s offer i got a random deal not connected to enhancing any of my kingdoms power levels (Crafting Treasure). It’s been over three weeks since the pet was introduced so i feel that even if there is some delay, it should’ve been available by now, right?

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I’m getting chomp chomp in my daily pet deals, and that was just released. So you should be able to get swampie. I already bought it to mythic in pet shop when it was released.

Chomp chomp was an exception to the rule.
Swampie is currently on the usual hold pattern.
Chomp chomp was a bug so they just released it without the normal hold period.


By daily pet deals do you mean pet rescues?

I am getting chomp chomp in my daily deals because I had never mythiced small paca. If I leveled small paca to 20, I’d stop getting chomp chomp. I still get small paca offered too, I just have to remember not to buy it.

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Me too. I guess now I know why.