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New Pet: Spell Spaniel


New Pet: Spell Spaniel

A new pet has been released, Spell Spaniel. You can get Spell Spaniel from the daily Pet Rescue for the next 24hrs.

Please note that Spell Spaniel is a special event pet.

It’s cute for sure but it looks nothing like my spaniel. I got 1 in the event which means it will cost a further 3075 gems to max it to mythic or lose the opportunity forever?? Please clarify.

It looks more like a Labrador than a Spaniel…
Well, already named mine:


Darn right

Am I right about the gem expense?

The gem cost is going to be variable, based on how much RNG decides to bless you (or not) with extra copies from baskets while you are attempting to pull 30 more copies of it. If RNG truly hates you this day, it will cost ~3000 gems to max it. Less ~100 gems for every bonus copy that baskets give out above the minimum for each purchased tier on the way to 30 pets.

That said, if you are looking to mythic the cosmetic pet, you should treat as “now or never”. If may come back in the future in some way. But if it does, it’s going to be a very, very, VERY long time before it does. At least a full year, at a minimum, in all likeliness (next year’s International Dog Day).


Thank you. I hate this gem bleed approach to Kingdom progression thru cosmetics. So at least I know it’s 3075 max, on top of a new faction release gem investment. This grand larceny is becoming very unsatisfactory. But thank you for the clarification

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To date cosmetics haven’t been a hard barrier, only a theoretical one. Chances are, to avoid bad press, the devs will take measures to make sure no one ever needs the cosmetic pets, like with their faction pet “quick-fix” of having them belong to their respective kingdoms :man_shrugging:

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I admire your optimism…sadly I don’t share it

I’m not saying anyone needs (or should) trust the devs or assume the future from the past. I’m just saying that all evidence thus far is to the contrary if the question is “Should I spend ~3k gems on a cosmetic pet; is that a “good” resource expenditure / investment?”


Pondering if I should spend my gems on this pet…

But jokes aside @TheCuillin in a practical sense you don’t need to spend on this pet in particular for many reasons:

  • It’s cosmetic, so no buffs whatsoever.
  • The kingdom he belongs is pretty new, so more pets might be added to it and we will probably lack troops to further upgrade it EVEN if we have all the pets at Mythic.
  • We have no clue when/if cosmetic pets will return, but if they make a return I could see the devs doing it by the same date next year.
  • You may want to save gems for the next Mythic which is coming in less than 10 days or so.

Well, particularly I guess I’ll indulge myself and ascend this one because I really liked it. Not a pet gnoll cub, but still a good boy.

Haha. …that’s a lot of hypothesis. But it’s dog week and I own a spaniel and for once in my life I’ve got the gems to max a cosmetic pet and still nail the new faction. I don’t care if the spaniel looks like a labrador…sometimes you just gotta say “what the hell, why not?”


You get Leafette and Tinycorn from random pet events when a guildie kills a pet gnome. Maxing those will get you to 20 stars in silverglade when it is possible.


Would we get cosmetic pets offered in daily deals if needed for kingdom progression?


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