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3.4 Preview - Pets video

Surprised this hasn’t been posted yet


I need Lucky sitting on my shoulder

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Please keep making preview videos for big version changes like back in the good ol’ days when every patch had them. :smiley:


Video briefly shows the Pet shop for Pet Rescue day

Tier 1 25 gems
Tier 2 50 gems
Tier 3 100 gems
Tier 4 200 gems
Tier 5 300 gems
Tier 6 400 gems
Tier 7 (repeatable) 100 gems

Tier 6 combined is 1,075 gems, but since Pet rescue is once a week, it really isn’t feasible to do that almost ever unless they increase gem gains significantly…(combined with Raid/Invasion/Bounty/Dungeon/New Mythic chest opens etc…)

I don’t see myself ever going above Tier 3? (do I even see myself buying the 1st tier?), but I’m glad its an option for other people? maybe?

Funny Pet gnomes are available in Arena…

There seems to be a mistake as at Tier 6, you do not get enough copies to make the pet mythic… Only 10 pets so you need to take 20 Tier 7?

that’s a scary thought, I’m glad I’m not that into this pet system yet. Even level 5 max pets are okay with me. Only one I’d consider upgrading heavily is the Mini-Mimic/Gold, but even that’s just a 5% gold gain most likely which is… very little?

Cool, more pet info!

After watching


I’m glad preview videos are still a thing, though.


I don’t see myself buying any tiers I’ll get them all mythic eventually just from playing.


I keep getting errors, did they remove the video?

Nevermind, restarted

Agreed, that’s weird.

Well. This is a… thing. Yes. *nod*

Biggest waste of gems EVER!!!

5% (and that’s at max) is nothing.

Probably take my current xp per battle from 108 to 110. Big deal.

The pet gnome is quite… handsome.

Oop… seem like Lucky stepped on my keyboard again. Sneaky feline!!

That is so unfair! It would totally be 113 :joy:

So you’ll be at a disadvantage if the guild you are in are in a different time zone, that is stupid.


So the pet “event shop” is another Gem sink. I was afraid of (yet totally expecting) that.

Respectfully…cut it the [redacted] out with the Gem sinks!


Oh come on, just move to where your guild is! :wink:

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I’m looking forward to the new Gem Faucet pet who pours them right into the sink for you! :roll_eyes:


Unless the baskets guarantee a lot of good stuff I don’t think it is even worth going to tier 1

tier 1 25 gems
1 basket
1,000 gold

tier 2 50 gems
2 baskets
2,000 gold

tier 3 100 gems
3 baskets
3,000 gold
4x white pet food
1 pet

tier 4 200 gems
4 baskets
4,000 gold
5x white pet food
2 pets

tier 5 300 gems
5 baskets
5,000 gold
6x white pet food
3 pets

tier 6 400 gems
6 baskets
6,000 gold
8x with pet food
4 pets

tier 7 100 gems
2 baskets
1,500 gold
2x with pet food
1 pet


I bet they’ll offer similar “Gem value” :woman_facepalming: