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New Pet - Lil' Freedom

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/new-pet-lil-freedom/

New Pet: Lil’ Freedom

A new pet has been released, Lil’ Freedom. You can get your Lil’ Freedom from the daily Pet Rescue for the next 24hrs.

Lil’ Freedom will only be available from July 4th Pet Event.

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So getting this one mythic is how many thousand gems? And that is the only possible way to max this?

Yay I’m a happy completionist, yay.

The best team to use for Freedoms Rescue.
'Merica F yeah! :us:


It’s a cosmetic pet… So why get it to Mythic?? :thinking:


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And we got our first cosmetic pet! I’m hoping for Gem Mastery buff as least, but he is July 4th Event exclusive pet, so that’s okay. At least Snow Bunny’s friends are planning to come in the future!

And that Guardian background, so awesome!

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Cosmetic pet? Why? what for? We already have cool looking pets, If anything, this should have some kind of extra special bonus that is rare and desirable! otherwise, why? I dont spend time looking at people’s profiles.

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It depends of your luck. But I saw on this forum some players saying that it needs 5k gems…

Kingdom power level for the hypothetic Guardian kingdom.

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Lil’ Freedom will always be a cosmetic pet. :slight_smile: You should invest in him for your pet mastery and if you believe in freedom!



So Lil’ Freedom won’t be available from the randomized pet drop from pet gnomes?

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I believe in freedom of choice, which is sending me a clear message on what not to spend 5k gems on. How about making the cosmetic pet rescue repeatable throughout the 24 hour event? You should totally do that if you believe people deserve freedom. :wink:


On the bright side, it doesn’t have to be the 5k that others are suggesting.

Assuming absolute 0 luck, from Tier 3 to Tier 6, you can spend 1000 Gems for 10 Lil’ Freedoms. You get at least 1 from the Pet Rescue and 1 from a 3rd day login bonus for the July 4th thing if you’re still on track for that.

You need a total of 31 pets to reach Mythic.

So after Tier 1-6 (for 1,075 gems), you’d have to spend a max of 2,000 more gems: 20 * Tier 7 (100 gems) to get to 31 copies. 1900 with tomorrow’s login bonus. Hopefully your luck isn’t absolutely horrible and you can get extra pets from the baskets while purchasing Tiers which will cut the cost down more.

Now if you have to buy the food too, it’ll hurt.

You’d be hard pressed to find a bigger waste of gems. 3000 gems to get him to mythic and what do you get in return? 20 gems and part way to a minor orb.

Cosmetic pets shouldn’t exist. They should be at least +5 to a gem mastery.


It does seem a little silly. Right now there’s barely a sliver of incentive to get cosmetic pets to mythic.

Unless later on something is going to be added that’ll be impossible to get if you didn’t have the foresight to get mythic cosmetic pets now… but that’s just me being cynical.


@saltypatra an answer on this please? I’m guessing that at some point LilFreedom gets added to the random gnome event pool…?

Sirrian already seems to have answered this in the announcement post:

Feels like they’re shamelessly targeting completionists here. :rage:

“Spend a few thousand gems or forever have a non-mythic pet in your collection.”


Really for a game that’s International this pet is a idiotic , what his power, thinking he more relevant and important then he really is?


Every week devs found a new stick to get beaten with. :roll_eyes:


Well I think it is great and that’s about all I need to justify anything. Thanks for the doing these optional things to make this game fun!