New Pet - Saint Bernie

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New Pet: Saint Bernie A new pet has been released, Saint Bernie. You can get Saint Bernie from the daily Pet Rescue for the next 24hrs. Please note that Saint Bernie is a special event pet.


Another worthless cosmetic pet.

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Um cosmetic’s aren’t worthless plus your post was rude. Cosmetic’s basically help with colors if you look at the bottom of one it can say yellow pet. @Khan

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Stop adding meaningless trash that is no use to anyone and which prevents pet rescues that may be of use for a 24 hour period. I would be interested to see how pvp engagement drops every Wednesday

Not useless.

I have a number of kingdoms where a cosmetic pet got me over the pet block. And a number of my favourite pets to equip are cosmetic because they go with my outfit, so I still :heart: them :slight_smile:

I say keep them coming :sunglasses:

On a serious note, consider the alternative. If they don’t make them cosmetic but “useful” instead, then a) they get added to the pet rescue pool, which is already huge and very difficult to get a specific pet from and b) they would be limited in how many pets they can add because they can’t just keep throwing out more and more bonuses (because game balance and all that).


They could easily swap them to be troop related like those and add them to the droptable. Wouldn’t make much difference due to the overflooding amount of non-cosmetic pets already exist…
It’s kinda pointless to hunt for pets in PvP, but IF the offerings become more atractive, players might consider to pick them from those (which would benefit the gem sink, but this is a topic for another thread).

The legends pets are gonna massively dilute an already flooded pet pool and I think pet gnome drop rate should be enhanced accordingly to reflect that. Its okay for whales i guess who can promote pets to mythic whenever they appear but for the average player its a completely different scenario which legends pets will only exacerbate.

I love the new pet! :slight_smile: