New Legendary - Gar'Nok at max level


I got the new Legendary right after game opened for the day!! Here are his max level stats: (I can’t post pictures yet, but they are on their Facebook wall)

9 attack
9 armor
14 health
12 magic
Team takes 3 damage each and gains 8 attack. Summon a level 12 Orc.


Yes, I got him as well off my second iron key (I got Kerberos off my first iron key once that released… but I can’t get some of the awesome legendaries like Crimson Bat or the Silent One for the life of me.)

As a note though, you can always find this stuff on the troop forums, as well as its stats for each and every level, found here:


The new legendarie is really underwhelming, it just feel like an unnecesary buff to your troops since only the first troop will benefit from it, the problem is that you can’t have him to die after his first cast (just like Luther) since hes a Summoner. I would give it a 5/10. A Legendarie of the bunch. Is quite funny play with it tho. ^^


The idea seems to be to have him team up with Cyclopse, who will get an enormous buff to their ability through this and who can use attack from a back position.

what I definitly am not too sure about is the AI using his ability even when it would kill him.


I try it having a Shadow Dragon to cast one time and then die, making space for it summons. Also i’ve been trying it with the Archon Statue, but since it need hes health to be damaged instead of his armor, make it pretty bad combo on the start.


That’s my SD’s sole purpose currently, cast poison, then make way for summons by dying. Works well!