Can anyone explain Orc?

You may not be familiar with Orc since you’ve never encountered him in PvP. He increases his Attack (even more so with Gar’Nok) and…eliminates all Skulls from the board, ensuring that he can’t use his Attack.

I’ve tried making a Gar’Nok team, but Orcs are so awful, I couldn’t do it, even for the novelty.

It probably wouldn’t fit thematically–assuming that’s a concern with Storms–but if he [or Gar’Nok] at least summoned a Bone Storm, that might lead to something.

Those Storms are underwhelming but at least they theoretically provide synergy rather than contradiction.

I understand there are a lot of Troops that will never get played (but could?) but I don’t see why bother to make one that is antithetical to itself?


Nimhain has mentioned that Grosh’Nak is one of the kingdoms high on their list for a rework, so hopefully the will get some better synergy and spell reworks when that occurs.

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Orc is actually really useful in certain situations. He’s super quick to charge up and removing all (or most) skulls gives you a huge advantage against:

  • Stuff with really high Attack

  • “On skull damage” troops (which Entangle doesn’t help with)

  • Gorgotha / Stonehammer: since skulls don’t do much to them, Orc makes sure they can’t do anything to you either.

  • “Create skulls” troops: Sheggra, Keeper of Souls, even Bone Dragon. With like 1 or 2 skulls on the board when they cast, they’re a lot less scary.

Basically he’s an awesome way to completely neutralize enemy skull attacks. He’ll neutralize your own too, but if your team is set up to do spell damage that doesn’t much matter.

Plus he even does damage!

I’ve used him a bunch; he’s way overpowered in Arena, useful in GW red teams, and pretty solid just about anywhere else.

(I just ignore the “gain Attack if I’m damaged” bits)


Once upon a time… An orc stole Sirrian’s lunch at school. From this day, he swore an eternal vendetta on all orckind…


You know all the great synergy that goblins have? Well, orcs were designed to have the opposite of that.


Well after under two years of doing Tasks on Console I have received the “Win with Orcs” Task one time just recently. (possibly the only player in the history of Gems to do so ;). I even created a celebration thread!

So, I actually had a reason to play 8 Battles with Orcs. In my incredibly limited experience I found leading with Felt’Dras using ‘Armor Piercing’ effective backing it up with ‘whatever’ (DrakeRider to transform, left Orc out of my team, etc.)

I know this topic was about “Orc” specifically…, but my advise is to wait for the rework.

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the Orcs are very peaceful loving creatures. they resent brute violence therefore you hardly see them in battle
they like the beautiful things like flowers, and a good meal. If they see an intent for melee clash they quickly talk both parties out of it offering to come later eat a dinner together
Their strength was a natural result of years long experience in stopping the parties from fighting
One may think they arent too smart but they knew exactly what skills they need to survive in the peaceful world of Krystara


LOL, I can’t believe I started this thread because I was trying to figure out Gar’Nok and now they gave us Sir Gwayne.

Looking at a red/yellow summon? Now we can all stop wondering about whether to use Gar’Nok, forever.

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