Probable Gar'Nok Bug

So I have been using the new legendary Gar’Nok. At level 15, Gar’Nok is supposed to give out a level 12 orc, however, this is (in terms of stats) not always the case. The problem is that it will always say the orc is at level 12, however, the orc will sometimes come out with the same stats as a level 1 orc (2 attack, 4 life, 1 armor) although if you go into the picture it will say it is level 12… also its effect only destroys 4 skulls, similar to level 1. So far I have found this effect to happen:
A.) The very first time I used this ability.
B.) Every time I used this ability when an orc was previously created.
So for B, I mean that I would use this ability, get a regular level 12 orc. Once that died, I used the ability again, and got the level 12 orc with level 1 stats. Once that died I used it again and the same thing happened.

I’ll keep testing to see if these results are consistent.

Update: It also seems that you can get a level 12 orc with level 15 stats on occasion on the first cast.


Have you received an Orc troop from a key yet? I think it may be related to that.

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No I haven’t yet, I guess that could be the issue, thank you for the quick response.

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Okay - that’s likely to be it!
We had a similar problem with Dokkalfar summoning a Spider Swarm (a non-collectible troop).

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