Guild Riverford gets first troop from Legendary task!

Wait for it…


Praise RNGesus!

The Gods have blessed us with a legendary!

“Sir, it’s Gar’Nok.”

:cry: The Gods hate us.


I feel bad for my guild mates. I’ve gotten Gar’Nok more times than all the useful legendaries combined and now it seems my RNG Syndrome has infected my guild! LOL

We’ve won quite a number of legendary cards from legendary tasks but I’ve yet to get one I actually need (i.e. I already have them 4x Mythic’d).


I’m lucky in the way of I still need a lot of cards, so I have a semi-high chance it’ll be something I need. Pretty much every troop we’ve gotten from LTs have netted me good cards. Even a Mythic. :grin:

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I think that was our first too. Or was it venoxia o.O

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