New Legendaries

What do the new Legendaries do? I wasn’t lucky enough to nab one and don’t see it on the GoW homepage.

You can view these and any other cards you do not have by hitting the button ‘show all’ in the upper left and sorting by amount

The giant worm spell Cost 25 mana, he devours an enemy with 100% chance and spawn 8 orb of 2 colors (i think earth and magic?) his unique trait give him 15% chance to devour an enemy when doing skull damage

King of fire spell deal damage and again spawn orb of 2 colors (fire and ?) his unique trait give him 25% (or maybe it was 15%?) chance to resurrect upon dying

Normally the wiki would also be a great place to find this information but with all the changes a lot of updating needs to happen

It’s 30% chance to redirect. He transforms all green gems to skulls and another color to red, forgot which one, maybe yellow.

Thanks everyone!