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Game Mechanic question regarding gold

Hey, guys I’m hoping one of yous can explain something to me. I just pulled a copy of ‘Gog and Gud’. His ability is called ‘Decisions, Decisions’ and it says that he can either ‘deal damage to the first enemy and spend all my gold to boost it, OR deal damage to all enemies and gain 50 gold’.

When I am playing I notice on the top of the screen it says maps, souls, and gold to show you how much you gain. I know you gain souls from killing the enemies but how exactly do you gain gold and maps? I know you get them at the end summary after the match but in this instance how do I gain gold in the match to help boost Gog and Gud’s damage when he uses his skill? I’m sorry if this is very obvious but I’m sure I’ve never seen the amount go above zero under the gold category when I am in the middle of a match.

Thanks for any help or clarification you guys can give me on this.

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You’ll gain gold during the match by making 4 or 5 matches: 4 gold for a 4-match and 5-gold for a 5-match. There are also troops, like Alchemist, Gog & Gud, Dwarven Miner and others that can ‘earn’ gold during a match by casting their spells and it will be counted at the top of the screen.

Maps are awarded when you trigger a cascade of 7 consecutive gem matches. For example, you match 3 gems at the bottom of the screen, then gems fall and another 3, match is made, and another, and another, etc. It’s almost impossible to plan these, but they just happen randomly sometimes. Some troops, like Tyri, Lil’ Johnny, Marid, etc. also have a chance of gaining a map when they cast their spells.


Aaah I see so really for me to optimize Gog and Gud’s ability I’m going to have to match him up with someone like the Alchemist to get the most out of it. Maybe team them up with Bonnie (the pirate girl)? Thanks for the info. Would you happen to know any good teams to put Gog and Gud in?

Guys, I seriously have so many questions on different cards that I don’t know if it’s better to lump them all into one post or if should I make different threads for them. Anyways thanks for all the help you guys have given me. Believe me, it is very much appreciated.


I have never really tried using a gold generator, or Gog & Gud much at all. Because you never know if he’s going to add or deduct gold, he seems a little risky to build around. Bonnie Rose is much more reliable in that way, but as long as you understand what each does and are staying aware of the circumstances, it could be fun to play with.

There are also some troops that give bonuses via traits and I’ve never quite figured out how they work until I just typed it out. I’ll use Souls as an example.

Normally, if you pay attention to the top of the screen you’ll see you’re capped at 40 bonus souls. You’ll get 1 soul per enemy you defeat. Let’s say I’m also using a troop like The Dragon Soul. Its ability says “Gain 15 souls.”, among other things. So every time I cast that ability, I get 15 souls, UP TO 40. This also seems to include the 4+ I might get for destroying enemies. At the end of combat, my soul bonuses apply and I get more than 40.

Now let’s consider traits.

For a soul-farming team, let’s use TDS, Pharos-Ra, Warlock, Warlock. Pharos-Ra has Necro Master, or “Gain 150% bonus souls from battle”. Warlock has Necromancy, or “Gain 50% bonus souls from battle”. It’s additive, so I’m at 250% bonus souls.

This actually increases my cap. I can now get 140 total souls. That makes sense. 40 * 2.5 = 100, so 100 + 40 = 140. Cool.

It also seems to increase the power of The Dragon Soul’s ability? When I cast TDS’s ability, I get 52 souls. That makes sense. 15 * 2.5 = 37.5. 15 + 37.5 = 52.5. So it’s rounding down, I can deal.

At the end of the battle, I’ve filled my 140 soul counter. I recieve 385 total souls. Why?

Well, due to my guild and armor I have a 175% bonus to souls. 140 * 1.75 = 245. 245 + 140 = 385 souls. Ta da!

So in short:

  • Things that say “Gain X {resource}” tend to apply it to one of those capped counters, this stops you from finding weird ways to get infinite resources via some unintended way to keep combat going for a long time.
  • Traits that give bonus resources apply to both, the cap for that resource per-combat and any time you collect that resource in combat.
  • Armor, guild, VIP, event, and Ring of Wonder bonuses apply post-combat.

As a side comment: gold farming isn’t super common in the game, but I think it’s underappreciated for new players. If you find a particularly successful gold farming team, please post it!

(The reason it’s underappreciated is you don’t tend to care about gold after you level all available kingdoms. It goes to guild tasks, but by that time you tend to be able to get more from “being faster at combat” than “farming”.)


That’s a very thorough explanation on how souls gained in battle works. I never realized how they calculated and now I understand why sometimes the gold I get is all over the place.

I don’t know how to even begin building a team around G and G. I’m guessing at least put him with Alchemist and the pirate girl and start from there and even then it wouldn’t be a gold farming team just because he can probably waste all of his gold in one shot with his ability. One thing about this game is the work they put into the art on these cards.

I really like the artwork for G and G so I figured I’d ask if anybody out there has any cool teams he can work with (I’m horrible at drawing but I do like looking at cool art). I do thank you for explaining how souls/gold is gained in matches, though.

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I have never used Gog and Gud for gold. Or at all actually. :slight_smile:
In Explore I have a gold mining team:
Bonnie Rose
Merchant Prince
Depending on your level though, you are probably better to use a soul farming team in Explore