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New Invasion Tower Idea

I’ve been grinding stage 8 on Invasion for a while now. It’s kinda wierd how you can’t know when you will get extra sigils, unlike in Raid/Bounty which you will know if you able to kill Valravan or not. All I can do is wish for extra sigils at the end of successful battle, without taking some extra action to earn it.

I know that Valraven can’t appear in Invasion stage 8 and replace random towers to decrease towers count each battle from 4 to 3. So I have an idea to make a 7th spacial Valravan tower.

Bell Tower (20 Red/Yellow)
Stats: attack-20, life-30, armor-40, magic-20
Spell: Blaring Defence - Silence one random enemy, all other allies gain [magic/2] armor.
Traits: Air Link / Invulnerable / Fleeing Dweller (Spawn a Valraven when destroyed)

I like the idea, genuinely. But I’m going to make a snarky comment because I’m mad that the event exists to begin with. Do not take offense.

“I’d rather not have my energy system try to kill me in game, thanks.”


A bit of necromancy action… :wink:

Can we have something like this, please. I’m tired of randomly getting sigils on Stage 8, and it’s clearly not an intended design. With this implement, you will fix the issue and adding more lore at the same time!