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(Fixed) Valraven replacing towers

Platform, device version and operating system:
Mobile, iOS

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I was playing Invasion on a battle with one tower in it, and the tower got replaced by a Valraven instead, and I didn’t get awarded a tower kill.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
It only happened once to me but I have only played about 4 tower battles so far, and I’ve seen other people with the same bug.

Steps to make it happen again
Just playing Invasion when towers are in play, it seems.


Yup, had this happen as well.

Edit: i stand corrected. Kafka confirmed this is a bug and theyre looking into it

Actually valraven not being able to replace tower is the bug. It has been going on for so long people think that is how it is supposed to work

In other words valraven is working as inteded

Actually my take is “a Valraven is never supposed to replace a Boss, because the Boss is how you score.”

The problem Sirrian referenced was that nobody play-tested Invasions more than 2 or 3 matches, so they didn’t see what happened in a 4-tower match. In that case, the Valraven effectively removes 1 point from your score, which wasn’t intended. So they tweaked the game to not replace bosses with Valravens, and if all 4 troops are bosses you just get the Valraven sigils no matter what.

This is a regression: they re-introduced an old bug.


This has already been brought up multiple times today, please make sure to included your information on the prior posts vs. making your own as it will highlight the problem better!

should we play invasions or wait till this bug is fixed?

I can guess why it happening. The program looks for a troop Valraven to replace and disregards towers, so if there is 4 towers it just rewards you the sigils for winning.

The new tower was not put in as something Valraven could not replace. So the game replaces the new tower with Valraven. That would be the most logical reason.

It probably should not be fixed this week now that people have been playing Invasion. It puts the early players at a disadvantage for leader-board, though it can make stage 12 rewards harder for guilds.


No its not, reread what Sirrian wrote.
Valravens are never supposed to replace towers. With 4 towers, the valraven never appears BUT you get 2 sigils if he was supposed to appear.

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Edit: i stand corrected. Kafka confirmed this is a bug and theyre looking into it

I understand it as originally valraven could replace a normal troop (intended), zuul (not intended), and tower (intended). They fixed the bug where valraven could replace zuul which also made it not able to replace tower as they are all boss type, and then hotfixed it by giving sigils where valraven was supposed to replace a tower
I might be wrong tho

Just got a valraven replacing a tower on a 4 towers battle. I received only 3 tower kill points. (xbox)

Hard to know what was originally intended, but the fix seemed pretty clear:

“We have a fix going out for this, where you will (in the final stage) just simply receive the 2 energy if a Valraven WOULD appear… we won’t be replacing towers with it.”

This is definitely not how it is functioning now.

Yep clearly broken which could mean the difference in finishing the next stage or not. Only 2 towers rewarded on victory. If it’s meant to be like this when did it change or was it mentioned? :-1:


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They mentioned this with the tribute adjustments…

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This game is going downhill and fast :-1:

Here’s my guess as to what broke. Bugs tend to show up where things changed. What changed this week? Apparently there’s a new “haunted tower”.

Now, when you go about asking the computer, “Is this troop a Boss or Tower?”, there are a couple of ways to go about that. Some developers would note that “Boss” and “Tower” are types of creature in GoW. So a really bulletproof way to write the bugfix would be to check for those.

Other developers might just build a list of troops that are bosses/towers and compare to that. The danger of this approach is if you add a new troop, such as the Haunted Tower, you have to remember to update your list of towers to include it.

So I’d bet money there is, somewhere within the code, int[] towerIds = [...] instead of if (troop.CreatureType.Matches("Castle")). (Yes, the game uses “Castle” to mean “Tower”. Don’t ask me why, I just call 'em as I see 'em.)

If it’s intentional I’m very confused. They did extra work to prevent this from happening, why would they remove it now?


Valraven replace only the new haunted tower. He still dont replace normal towers. (I received 2 sigils after fighting 4 normal towers)


I think your thoery is right. Because of this bug, I was keeping the close eye on the tower count. Somehow able to avoid Valraven replacing tower all the way from Stage 2-7. But first battle in Stage 8, I got this…


You can clearly see it’s Stage 8, but just 3 Tower Reward. From my total Tower count, I didn’t lose once, so it should be 64 Tower (10 + 2×10 + 3×10 + 4) but it’s just 63 because of that Valraven.

I guess it’s not that big deal losing 1 Tower count. But as it can happen again, to everyone, it’s still a bug that need to be fixed.

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Hi everyone, this issue should now be resolved. Please restart your game to see this change. Thanks @Isu


So what was correct, invisible ravens then? If so I played a butt load of sigils yesterday up to rank 8 on lb and missed out on a ton of towers because of the bug @Cyrup the late week players will have an advantage now over everyone who played yesterday

Actually, Valravens replacing Tower is likely not the only thing that get fixed.

Now, Haunted Tower will got the same level as other Towers in its level. As yesterday, you, me, and other players that spent all their sigils, also accidentally got an easier battles than other players who played today. So, we did got other kinds of advantages.

I’m not sure what they can do more right now, as the problem are quite complex and involve many random parts to consider giving proper compensation.