New guild system? :-)

Bit late at posting this, but as I started GoW for the first time after the 107-patch, this strange thing happened. Luckily I made screen shots to share! My guess is this is a testing environment for some overhaul of the guild system, but your guess is as good as mine. Any of the devs care to elaborate? @Sirrian, @Nimhain. :smile:

So first off, it happened probably because my Windows VM was in sleep mode (running Windows 10 under Parallels on the Mac - still no Mac version of GoW, shame on you, devs! :smile:). When I woke up GoW it somehow failed to force me to install the new patch (which was already out, I had played it on iPad). Instead, it did a ‘normal’ update of the files and downloaded some stuff as usual. And then the GoW desktop showed this:

Conquest! That made me very curious, at first I thought there was a new patch, or something. So I clicked it. And then it showed me this:

The C in the header bar was my clue that this was some testing thing. But I like the idea of an expanded and in game ranking system, apart from just guilds.

When I clicked Global I saw this:

I say: promising. :slight_smile:

I didn’t start playing from then on, out of fear it might do something to my game progress in the ‘real’ version.

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I saw this too, didn’t make any SS though. I thought it looked like a rejected ui upgrade for the one they went with…

So in 1.09 we’ll be able to create guild alliances?

Look at the placement of the buttons, all the geo buttons are still in the old placement of pre 107.

@MarvelKit you just made my day!
Conquest, factions and Ranking!

What a day! What a wonderful day!

Excellent, @MrSammy you can play three copies at once to stay top of the rankings :wink:

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Wow, that’s amazing!
Can’t wait to see more features on this game! :smiley:

@melkathi I can already see Masters of the Black Pearl! :0

As anybody who’s been around a while knows, we can turn features on/off from the server. I think it was back in the 1.0.3 update when we turned features on one by one over a 6 hour period, it caught people by surprise, so we stopped doing that - lol

Anyway… in the 1.0.6 client we had some testing menus available for some extra PvP features, which were turned OFF when 1.0.6 was live. It was actually a bug in this feature that led to the annoying placement of your DEFENSE indicator on the INVASION button!

So, with 1.0.7, we activated our current PvP Menu, and it has obviously ALSO activated the test PvP Menu in 1.0.6

Now we’re currently working on 1.0.8.
Will there be some PvP Updates? Indeed.
Will it be the screen you see above? Not exactly…


I don’t care what it looks like (well at least not much), as long as these features are there. :stuck_out_tongue:

And more /off-topic, although I mentioned something in my OP: any plans for a Mac version of GoW? I read somewhere in the forums (perhaps the old forum) that the game is built on Adobe Air? That would make it quite easy to port, I think?