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What's Next for GoW?

Not trying to say ‘so 2.0.1 is OK but what’s next’ because 2.0.1 is pretty good and all.

But what is next? We’ve been hearing ‘Heroes -> PVP -> Guilds’ for the entire year, it’s been like a mantra or something. And that’s all happened! Right now all we can see coming is a Purple Imp and more largely-unknown kingdoms.

@Sirrian am I going too fast? Forgive my insatiable curiosity / desire to know all the things.

This is not a ‘feature request’ thread, we have those.


Hopefully, nothing. I want a barren wasteland of only bug fixes, QOL improvements, and 1 new troop per week.


For console to catch up!

After console is 100% caught up, feel free to bump this thread :smiley:


‘Console Update -> Console Update -> Console Update’ :grinning:


Isn’t there a “guild wars” patch still coming that allows us to use the Guardians? That’s something still to look forward to.

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Oh yeah. Guild Wars.

OK I still assume that isn’t all. Although that does sound awesome.

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zomg so greedy

Yeah, I believe Guild Wars is “the next big thing”. I know they said they want to do more, smaller updates. That would lead me to believe next update in 6-8 weeks is ???, then the update after that 3-4 months from now is Guild Wars. Or maybe Guild Wars is 6-8 weeks out…

There is also that “friends” button currently greyed out on profiles, so perhaps some more social features? Friends list, in-game messaging etc.

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We have got something small but cool coming between 2.1, and guild wars in 2.2
Here is a little taste…


That’s pretty cool. More cosmetic options are a win in my book.


So, are the hair style and color, and the facepaint going to be a single option, or could I have the first hairstyle in purple with the 2nd facepaint? How much mix-and-match will there be?

Also, I’d like to keep using my Dragon/Celestial armor bonuses, but use a different set’s appearance. I like the look of the Pirate, Vampire, and Steampunk armors.


mix & match all the things!

And, as you guessed, we’d like bonuses & visuals to be 2 different options with the armor



It’s the best opportunity to test buyable and exclusive visuals ;-).

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Well, those character models are certainly an improvement… The one on the left looks alright, but the spines on the other two don’t look quite like they line up. Glad for some customization though!

I think we’re on 2.1 now. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Its the same base model for each of them; all 3 spines are identical

Mix and match all the things!! Mix and match all the things!! Wait…hyperventilating…just breathe…:grinning::grinning:

Yes. That’s all I can say. Is yes.

I’ve little doubt this will be your chance to finally rake in my ever elusive wallet. I’ll be counting my pennies right up until we’ve got some prices to work with. That’ll truly be the defining moment. :money_with_wings:

Can safely say I wont be buying any cosmetic malarchy.

I would be interested in something useful, e.g. a glory multiplier

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Alright, I’ve used my limited picture-editing skills to superimpose the left character over the top of the other two, attempting to line up the head. While the base model is the same, it’s what they’ve drawn over it that throws it slightly off-kilter. Certain features don’t line up, such as the position of the arms and the curvature of the back. The truth is probably that the base model’s spine isn’t realistic, but the features of the left character (hair hiding part of the neck, extra bulk of the coat) serve to hide the irregularities of the base model.