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New Guild question

Have a question I joined a new Guild contributed over 15,000 four tasks and didn’t get any of the rewards do you have to be in the guild for a certain length of time before you can start receiving the rewards I know I can get the seals right away but since I’ve joined this new Guild we’ve gone up three different tiers and I haven’t gotten any of the rewards

did you finish any of this tasks with your contribution?

when the task needs 100k to get completed - i wont get anything when i contribute 10k until someone else is contributing the rest of 90k to complete the task^^

No somebody else finished the contribution and it moved to the next tier and then two more tasks in 2 different categories one was gem’s one with keys and one was souls we’re all finished and I didn’t receive any of the rewards from any of them

You should raise a ticket. Go to support tab at the top then top right hand corner to fill out the form.

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