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New gems of war games

Why are the new games so hard to play you can never defeat the last enemies on invasion or bounty. I love playing this game but am finding them to hard to complete with only 2 people in my guild.

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I’m sure it’s just a matter of time. Soon you and your mates will be able to beat the hardest levels of invasion and bounty. :slightly_smiling_face:

Have you upgraded your bounty troops and stone-shaker anyway?

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Those modes aren’t based on a 2-person guild completing them. They are based on 25-30 person guilds completing them. Your options are more or less

  1. recruit more members to get further
  2. abandon your guild of 2 to join a more active guild to get further
  3. spend a TON of gems between the 2 of you for more sigils
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Thanks I hope so.

I have upgraded all I can. I will try and recruit more members as I don’t want to lose all the trophies I’ve earned In my guild. Thanks for all the help.

Don’t worry about losing your trophies join a guild that has more and no I am not trying to recruit you.
Lots of guilds with hundreds of thousands of trophies that have spots


Right now recruiting active players is pretty hard even for well-established guilds, I’m not sure if you will be able to do much in the terms of recruitment. Trophies earned don’t really give any advantages to the player alone - only to the guild as it climbs up the ranks that way so if you change guilds you won’t loose anything as a player. Probably even gain more because the guild with many active players will have higher level sentinels and more tasks done. Of course if you feel up for a challenge you can always recruit enough people to be able to tackle the new modes in your current guild :slight_smile: