New Game Mode / Event "Stop the INVASION!"

Lore: Krystara is being attacked! Join the fight to stop the invasion!


  • event will be changing on a monthly basis (or 2 months if devs see it more fit)

  • if the global server requirement of “fights won” (counting all fights from all players won within the event this month) is met all event participants in the server will receive special reward upon event reset

  • to enter each of event fights you need to pay small gold fee, the fee depends on your account level (for example 1-50lv 50gold, 51-200lv 100gold, 201-500lv 250gold, 501+lv 500gold)

  • enemies in the fights offered will be themed upon the event (for example undead invasion lead by apocalypse troops)

  • all the fights offered can be preset by devs or random, depending what devs see fit, but once your next fight is choosen for you it wont change until you win it

  • each of your troops can enter event fight only once. it means if you try with this troop once - doesnt matter you win or loose the fight - that troop cannot be used any more for entire event duration (supposedly one month)

  • you are allowed to make any team compositions for the event fights with the exception that each troop can enter only once - it also means you cannot use any troop twice in one deck

  • you can use each hero weapon only once per event duration, just like with the troops, hero classes are not limited (or alternatively hero weapons are limited as well as classes, but that would mean you could use hero only few times in the end)

  • you are rewarded for each milestone of the even wins, for example after each 10 fights won, or 5 10 25 50 wins, any way devs implement it, also the total amount of invasion waves you need to win will be limited (to 100 wins max or any way devs implement it) upon reaching that victory limit you receive the best prize

  • after reaching last milestone of wins you can still fight inside the event to contribute for global progress to stop the invasion however you will not receive any more extra rewards for the wins (just the regular rewards as in questline etc)

  • fights inside this event will not be influenced by difficulty settings

  • within the event page you will be able to see global (monthly) ranking of players win count towards the event, your own win score and the global win count as well as the global win requirement for the special event global reward

Special thanks to @Gizmo who inspired me with his other feature request gameplay chat thread

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