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Two New Invasion Modes

The beauty about this game is the fact that you, as the player, are free to play as you want. So long as you continue to play it, this is very much true. But what about those who have decided to stop? Their kingdoms continue to generate gold daily while the player is away. Hopefully, the player returns, but what if the player has chosen to not play anymore no matter how much this game improves? Meanwhile, for those who love to PvP, they’re getting bored with invading the same kind of troops from the same kind of players according to the current matchmaking system. Same is true when it comes to Arena though that mode needs to be revamped as well. So, how about adding two new Invasion modes to tackle this inactivity while increasing the PvP/ Arena player pool?

The first one is called The Great War. If the account is inactive after 72 hours, it is automatically tossed into the PvP pool. Its not enough to login and collect your goodies to avoid this. Player must do some game action (e.g., battle, contribute to their guild, or play Treasure Hunt) like 5 times for the day. If you play daily, you won’t be invaded at all unless you decide to do some PvP. But if you don’t feel like playing, then your kingdom will come under constant attack 24/7 after those 72 hours have passed. Player will receive warnings of an imminent attack in their mail until then. Obviously, the first number of players to take your uncollected gold stand to benefit the most for the week. The rest get nothing but the sheer satisfaction of invading your kingdom to climb up the Tier. :joy:

The second one is called The Walking Dead. Should a player truly desire to call it quits, player is given the option to delete their account. In reality, it becomes a Zombie account in which the hero returns in Undead form to randomly invade any living kingdom with his kingdom troops. When it happens, player will see on their map the Walking Undead laying siege to one of their kingdoms. Player will receive an in-game notification to take their kingdom back ASAP. While under siege, that kingdom can not be accessed, its troops are unavailable, and no hourly tribute is generated. Only your Home kingdom is exempt from such attacks. So choose wisely when selecting which troops will defend your kingdom when playing PvP. You might end up with less than four troops defending it when a kingdom is under siege. :scream:

The reward, however, will be well worth it as this PvE mode will allow players to earn Glory like they would in PvP. These Zombies will also appear in Arena. What makes them formidable in the long run is the fact that they stand to gain experience and necessary resources to max their troop/ kingdom levels when laying siege or battling in Arena. They are half alive, you know. :laughing:

Eventually, this could lead to a third mode where you, the hero player, can invade their Zombie kingdoms. Details of which are up in the air. Really depends if any of you would like something like this added to the game. So let the Devs know!


Just wondering, are you aware that the old PvP system at least claimed to let you steal some portion of uncollected tribute gold? The numbers didn’t necessarily seem to match up, and doing revenge matches to reclaim it didn’t actually take it back from the original invader, but there was significant variation in the gold reward for invading a particular player that may have been related to how much uncollected tribute they had.

It did take gold from the uncollected tributes, it’s just that the bonus tribute part is so much more important after very early game

First idea sounds pretty pointless to me, don’t think it achieves anything.

Second idea is interesting and has potential. Kinda like in PQ1 when kingdoms went into rebellion. Denying you the troops would be a very interesting twist. Not sure how best to execute it; zombie players hardly feels right for GoW.

Your second part has a nice potential :slight_smile:
Except the part with zombie players, that isn’t good.
Would be very hard to implement but it does sound fun.
We really need new game modes (maybe guild wars will bring up something new, I’m sure devs already have some plan because they said guardians will play important role in those wars).