New Faction - Fire Rift

What I understood is “LVL300 pure faction would be enough for legendary ascension.” But you need to do a non-faction at lvl500 for that ( 300+2000)

Can you check “pet bonus” for 2 unique troops?

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Yeah 300 pure faction then 500 regular then 500 pure faction with legendary pet.

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I reached lvl490 on event.
Going to do lvl490+500 on normal delve to get the faction pet.
Tomorrow I will do lvl490 with normal team, and lvl500 with pure faction.

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Ok thanks Havok and Alp. I generally do a 400 anyway in case I don’t make it and have to complete it with daily sigils.
It seems I am on a roll as I just did Primal Rift faction 500 this morning on the first try :relaxed:


I even heard a suggestion to do a pure at 140, then just steamroll to 490, collect mail & upgrade pet, then do pure 500.
That was supposed to be good enough.

Need to verify myself ;p

I was told that GK can’t silence troops via special gems, that it only works on normal gems.
Had same confusion myself yesterday :confused:

Not trying to be a jerk here, but you do realize that all those T7 purchases are worth the equivalent of a crapton of Hoard levels? Each T7 purchase is worth 28-77 levels of Hoard depending on how you choose to do your math, so the “potionless” pure faction is almost certainly going to require way more than a 135 Hoard.

It’s just a lot easier to complete a faction at “low Hoard levels” when you’re getting a crapton of extra stats from Potions of Power. Not that there’s anything wrong with completing the requirements that way, but it’s disingenuous to claim that the Delve is that easy compared to some of the others when you’ve simply loaded up on stats and can therefore run over the other teams.


Can still be compared to other delves that you have done potionless even if you are doing this one with potions the feel of the troops is apparent. There are lists of all the delves from before and their difficulty rating potionless. Obviously it will be harder without the boosts from potions but still much easier than ones like Lystrasza’s Lair. The tank isn’t the best which will make it difficult but the dragon hits hard there is a good mana gen and RNG is not a huge factor it isn’t like you are hoping for dementicore to do the right thing at the right time. This faction feels way easier than most with potions and by proxy will be among the easier categories for those without.


Not trying to be a jerk here :wink: but I completed these two potionless THIS week with hoard of 157 & 170 - and they were pretty easy too !

As Havok infers - some of the “paid for” delves are much much trickier even with high levels of potions.


I was able to finish this delve in one day… but that’s due to going Tier 7 x 7 & hoard level 175. HKI / Eoe (any class really) / Marilith / Zuul for leveling & L Scorp / M Dragon x 2 / Fire Spirit PF. Lost one troop, but only needed one PF run.
Still have a decent amount of chaos shard left (15k) in case they drop new troops later.
Now, let’s replace this with a mini-event that gives out forge scrolls.

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That team build worked for me, thank you!


Anyone else seeing Magma Dragon 3rd trait create the lava storm at the start of battle rather than when AI “turn begins” as described? I noticed it both in the unlock quest and in the event. In screenshot, you can see I have Sudden Doom talent equipped but Lava Storm is already active, it overwrites my storm at the start of battle before any turns are taken

EDIT: I did a couple test battles vs. Lyrasza, whose trait is worded the same way, her storm works as described and does not overwrite

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The only rift here is between the game and its players .
A handful of gems given will never substitute for failing to apologise using the words; we stuffed up, we are sorry over the Arachnaean Weaver debacle. You created the rift. If you want trust apologise. Otherwise the rift widens.
Caveat emptor with this game.

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Nah you’re fine. She must have had her number wrong. 6 tier 7 is certainly not enough to reach 500 in 1 day if you skip all rooms


I maxed the delve at hoard 100 with 4 power potions (2 tries). Broken Spire lv 17.
Fire Scorpion - Magma Dragon - Magma Dragon - Wrath Naga.

Not trying to be jerk here but Primal Rift is quite easily done with 100 hoard, as is Stonesong Eyrie if you get lucky with lethal shots. :wink:

This new Fire Rift is certainly not an easy one, as stated in the one long post by Kezef. Literally any faction is easy to do with potions if you just buy enough Tier 7 and pump your stats. Then you have barrier, bless and skull reduction aswell. None of these are available if you do potionless run.


" Literally any faction is easy to do with potions if you just buy enough Tier 7 and pump your stats…"

… and you have several hours to spare on a Tuesday…


I think the strategy for Fire Rift is pretty simple and straightforward. I just also think that the stat requirements are going to be pretty hefty if the goal is to beat it at maximum level with a faction team.

And without Potions of Power, that’s going to mean a significant hoard. A half dozen of those potions won’t do very much for survivability – you might be able to withstand one additional hit given how hard enemies hit at Level 500 – but 42 points of magic go a long way towards nuking the opposition.

No summoning. Virtually no healing. No creative combinations to accelerate your damage, such as the “light the enemy on fire and hit them with Pyromania skull damage” from Indrajit’s Palace. Status effects don’t really impact things much and won’t speed things up. Mana denial becomes difficult with a Lavastorm always running and the presence of a converter.

You’ve just got to try and pound them before they pound you.

Absolutely. Potionless you have to rely a lot on the tank troop and it’s armor boost, even though it doesn’t do much. However, it is pretty much the only viable strategy and still needs high hoard. Texugo beat this with 199 hoard, so mortals need +300 hoard. :joy:

Yeah, but you can always do the short route if you are going to brute force them with potions in the first place. Most delves can be spammed through very quickly, battles being 10-20 secs long but as the state of the servers are what they are, I get your point. Friday was absolutely brutal, and it didn’t get any better on saturday so I had to do the shortest path. I normally grind all rooms but not this time… :neutral_face: